#ImUnloading: How to Unload Your 401-K

Investors Rally as Celebs Champion Divestment from the Gun Industry

“This industry is not going to respond to moral sentiments- that’s clear. They will respond to economic pain.” -Eric Milgram, father of two Sandy Hook survivors.

A new collaboration between the anti-violence movement No Guns Allowed and the advocacy organization Unload Your 401k are calling on investors to omit weapons manufacturing, specifically gun makers, from their portfolios.

To find out if your 401k investments include gun manufacturers, take the pledge, and learn more, visit

Thanks to mexopolis inspiring me to save my own culture. Now I’m in love with my homeland beauty and I want to make awesome stories of it.
This is Sri, Goddess of wealth, fertility, underworld, joy, harvest, and rice. Farmers and harvesters always bring offerings when it’s harvest day celebration. She’s one of the benevolent deities around Java and Bali.
Design explanation:
-Chimeric eyes because her mythology told that she grew two types of rice when she died as a human in previous life
-Golden rice everywhere on her attire because it means wealth and it’s her iconic sign
-Dark green for gown as it represents mud of the rice field
-Flowers to represent beauty and grace
-Multi colored hair because they also turn into plants when she died
-Optical illusion part: Laced sleeves. From far, you’ll think those are tattoos or some sort of that. But If you zoom in (If she’s animated), those are kebaya sleeves.

P.S.: Hope this doesn’t reminds you to other characters. I’m kinda allergic to cruel comments from people who compare OC designs.

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This is the lovely Laksmi Gayatri, and it’s part of a Vedic hymn meant to invoke Lakshmi. It’s not necessarily a lyrical thing as much as it’s a syllabic thing though.

…yes, I got this from a book. Invoking Lakshmi by Constantina Rhodes is pretty good, once you take off the ticking clock and all. Stupid assignments …

Biserica Ortodoxa si-a creat Serviciul Monahal de Informatii!

Biserica Ortodoxa si-a creat Serviciul Monahal de Informatii!

Romania zilelor noastre detine cele mai multe servicii secrete pe metru patrat din intreaga Uniune Europeana, si nu degeaba facem aceasta observatie pentru ca mai nou Biserica Ortodoxa si-a creat Serviciul Monahal de Informatii.

De altfel, de acest lucru sunt pe deplin constienti si profesionistii din sistem pentru ca, sa nu uitam, inainte de demisia sa, George Maior a avansat un subiect de…

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