So school is coming up and my love for books has been rekindled I figured I would share my thoughts and feelings on the ones I read. I’m tagging it as sreads so if you wish to ingore me rambling about books there’s your tag.


Time taken to read: 4 hours (roughly) 

Pages: 273

Plot: Leonard brings a gun to school one day. He plans on shooting his ex best friend and then himself. But first he has some birthday presents to give away, on his own birthday.

Spoilers and such under the cut. Fair warning about this book though. It will make you cry. A lot. Also there is mentions of rape and violence.  Hence the waterworks on my part.


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this is why i don’t trust white people because they will always make up some fake ass accusations and then sread them to their other white friends and then suddenly i’m a transphobic, fat shaming, body shaming misogynist, pedophile but there are zero receipts

askspoons said:

The person who posted that thing about the five nights at freddy's at least did apologize for not doing more research and has a post trying to right her mistake. Which is almost shocking for tumblr.

((Yeah, that’s nice and all, but it doesn’t change the fact that tumblr seems to have a massive boner for treating creators like shit. Especially indie game makers who start to get even a shred of noteriety. Like kudos to this one chick for recognizing her mistake and apologizing, but thanks to her there’s still going to be people sreading that rumor because people love to have a reason to hate.))

anonymous said:

Sadly, at the rate other a7x blogs are going, there are going to be rumors everywhere. It isn't only this one. Also, the owner isn't trying to stir up shit. This blog is clearly for opinions, and some take advantage of the post everything policy to plant rumors. It's the fans who choose to sread them. I could claim I met Matt when he was plastered and he said he hates cheese. That won't spread. But if I said something like Brian secretly hates gingers, it'd catch fire. Fans choose what spreads.

Thanks for this! ^

by heiwako

Elenwen sighed as she buried her face in her hands. She was sitting at her desk with a huge stack of books haphazardly stacked on it. A notebook rested in front of her, its pages depressingly blank.
Last night had been so embarrassing. She still couldn’t get over how she had gagged on Ulfric’s cock and ended up spitting up his spunk. And then he had ended up being the one to comfort her! The whole reason she had even been in that situation was because he had been whimpering so sadly in his sleep.
Well, even if he was just a male, Ulfric had made a good point. Elenwen would study how to pleasure a male until she became good at it. It was how s

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by Royalman2010

So… August 30, 2014, huh? Two years have drifted by…

It’s amazing, really. I have created over 200 drawings, have gained 100 followers and, most incredibly, have close to 10,000 VIEWS! I have created my own video game fanclub , :iconmightyswitchforce: and am planning another dedicated to cartoons and anime in a few months! I even gotten requests from very kind folks that would be impossible to get! :D

Thanks for everyone that has followed, comment and advise me to do my best. I very much appreciate it and I hope to surprise you in the future. And to address, I’m not doing bucket lists no more. Like I said, I want to surprise.

Special s

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wecouldmakeasauna replied to your post:So I had this idea about a book inspired by greek…

yeah we just dont know i wa sreading a book this week which talked about the process of writing a screenplay, it’s kind of like you first make the key ponts and then work on the in between,

Oh, I’ve read of something about it. That it’s always better to have a notion of where the story is going. And if you already know the ending, it’s much better. But it’s kind of the case of “Oh, okay, they are fighting… but why”. I think this might be because I do need to take some time and think about this one story and then tackle each at their time.

by cmisner

There are times when I find
Myself wondering  
About how much can come from singularity  
A single word can start a fight  
A war, a battle, a never-ending strife
It could even end a life
But there’s so much more that one word that it can do
It can make a broken heart brand new
Feed the hungry and heal the sick
But there’s so much more to it
How the wonder of one  
Something so small, could start anything at all
One stone let a giant fall
That came from a boy who was oh so small
Who came from a town that nobody thought mattered at all
That boy became king, the great king David he is called
To think that something so s

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by AaronsArtStuff

I know this is last minute, but, uhm… spare me a second, if that’s okay.

I’ve been kinda feeling under the weather lately. Four nights (not straight, but close enough) with headaches in the heat doing commissions and stuff. I know I promised to get KUWT out this Thursday, but are you guys okay with me taking a break and not doing so?

I guess with the sickness I’ve been having along with the stress of the near-internet collapse this afternoon, coupled with my birthday coming up, my attention to KUWT isn’t quite “there”.

The 19th family trip was salvadged near the end and went along okay, but that wasn’t to say it was a bit difficult for s

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by GrenadierJorinde

The monster under my bed.

The monster under my bed isn’t a monster at all.
His name’s Talk.
I called him that because he talks alot like me.
He doesn’t like it much because he doesn’t think it’s scary.
He thinks he is scary and I’ve told him he’s not.
His eyes are red and he has pointy, jagged teeth, but he’s not scary.

He tried to pull me under the bed once, but I gave him some chicken I had for dinner and he ate that instead.
Whenever I can,
I feed the monster under my bed.
He’s not a monster at all,
but I’m not sure what else to call him.

He’s got blue black skin and a small round body.
His arms and legs are short and he has s

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Question the monster under the bed
Le perfect 7-Layer Bar

Mix 3.5 cups of crushed honey graham crackers with 1 cup of melted butter. Spread in a greased 13×9” baking pan.

Sread 2 cups of milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate chips over the layer of graham crackers. Add 1.5 cups of butterscoth chips over the chocolate chips and spread evenly. Add 1 cup of walnuts and mix with the chips.

Pour 2 cups of shredded coconut over the choco/butterscotch chips and walnuts. Spread evenly to cover all the layers.

Lastly, pour 1 14-oz. can of comdensed milk over the coconut and bake on 350° for 25 minutes.