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SR3 gives us that Oleg is pro-communist.

i’ve talked about how I think this is because of a handful of things. KGB training was thick and unsubtle with ideological inculcation. the operatives who made it as high as Oleg clearly did would’ve had to prove that their loyalty was extreme. on top of that, Oleg has a classical education. my Russian professor told me that oftentimes admittance to Soviet universities required some indication that your politics were “agreeable.” lastly, in Asha’s SR4 audio logs - which were first meant to be Oleg’s - we see a patriotic father, one whom Oleg admired and likely tried to emulate. in my own headcanon I put this father on the Politburo, but he could’ve been any one of a number of things.

[edit: I’m told that Asha’s audio logs just replaced Oleg’s in space, not content. they still work for him, though, so I see no harm in going with it.]

the sum of all this is that Oleg had the favor of the state, and a life of luxury for it. it’s really easy to like and be uncritical of a regime that has made you that comfortable. which is a lot of analysis for something that was probably intended to be a jokey stereotype, but, hey, it’s Oleg. in for a penny, in for a pound.

and Oleg’s line of thinking drives Rosie out of her mind, because she grew up 180 degrees from him. Rosie was born poor to poor people that had been poor forever, and no matter which way the power shifted, her family continued to starve.

this lead Rosie to the belief that politics is a lose-lose game. she’s sick of all of it. the poor will suffer whether they’re made false promises or ignored, and politicians are corrupt no matter how well they act otherwise. the only way to survive is to take the power you can get - which led her at sixteen into organized crime. the thieves took her contempt for authority and made it law, so when she figures out that Oleg’s ex-KGB… well, you can imagine.

[they figure it out. but it takes a long time.]

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