I took fifteen, and these are the only ones where I don’t look like I’m angry.

Gosh, this drama is literally dumb and stupidly fanfic-like, and I’m kinda enjoying it, but my heart is seriously starting to hurt for Kyungsoo.  Like, stop.  Do not make him the second male lead, who treats the girl kindly, and genuinely cares for her without acting like an a**wipe, just to lose her to the a**wipe.  Like, I don’t care if you used to be childhood friends you twit, you’re still an ass.  I mean, COME ON, I’m tired of those dramas where the girl goes for the guy who treats her like crap, while the good guy IS RIGHT THERE QUEUE KYUNGSOO.  I mean, I used to like these kinds of story lines too, but enough is enough and I’m ranting knowing it’s going to end up like that anyway.  God.  Why.  Kyungsoo.  No.  Urgh.  Sigh.  Next time, you’ll get the girl.  They won’t always make you the second male lead.  Stay strong.  Also, give up now, I can’t continue seeing you like this.

hey just wondering does anybody know of any MVPs on this goddamn site that aren’t like “i would never sexualize my squishy dubu leader onew~~~ ^^” which is fine don’t get me wrong

but are there ones that are more like shut up jinki is a 25 year old man and i want him to fucking raw me

because if those exist please point me in their direction 

hidingfrommychildren asked:

Ok, I'll do the thing, even though we do talk :) I'm Erin My favourite ship is the Aquatania Favourite ice cream is cookies and cream I have a cat named Scooby :)

Hi Erin!! Heh heh. i see what you did there. Your “ship” is very nice. ;) Do you really not ship anything? Also, cookies and cream is the best. Second only to chocolate chip cookie dough. Unfortunately (as I recently learned) it really doesn’t do well in shakes that you drink with a straw…