threefeettotheleft replied to your post “You know I faintly recall Emilia Clarke saying in an interview that…”

I am so down with Momoa!Blackwall.

So we’ve all reached consensus that he is the perfect fancast for him. Very good.

elfyourmother replied to your post “You know I faintly recall Emilia Clarke saying in an interview that…”

that is the cutest

Imagine it, though. Blackwall busying himself with labor…chopping wood, helping train recruits, sparring with the inner circle…to the point where people have to beg them to stop. His brow furrows, a constant stony frown upon his face.

Then the chains and bars blocking the entrance click and he perks up. He marches to the front gate, careful not to get too excited. Might just be some agents back from patrol. But as he gets closer, the Inquisitor’s image becomes clear, and a smile stretches so wide across his face his beard barely covers it.

The ground thumps as he gallops towards the gate. He scoops the Inquisitor clear off their feet. Their legs fly in the air as he swings them about, their breath squeezed out from his tight hug.  


There are so many people affected by the hate and need our love and kind messages so here’s a list of all the URLs and the statuses. If you know of another blog not listed here/of a different status, change and add as you please.

We’re a family and together we’ll get through this.

mopeters1954 - if anyone recognizes them, please help!

cloudcatchingcas - suicidal posts and not responding to messages

piercemyhorizonofsilentsirens -getting hit with hate and not responding

omgmoriarty - needs positive vibes!

clockworksoulcollector - really needs help

thelosttimewar - slightly suicidal

demondeanslittlefiend - needs some messages of love

toxicrainbow13 - needs some love and support

supernaturalsamy - needs some kind messages

starlesscas - stable and replying 

vodkasam - stable and asking to be tagged in posts and not messaged

squishy-chest-melons - seemingly stable and replying to messages

i-have-a-acklehol-problem - stable and on hiatus 

imperfectcas - stable and replying 

maturecas - away from tumblr and has been in contact with a friend

rebellioussam - stable and replying 

clingycas - seems to be stable 

chesnutmisha - NOT DEAD! SHE WAS HACKED!

kingfrerin - unknown, speculated dead but unconfirmed

omnomwinchester - could really use some love and support!

maturedean - stable and replying

jollyjensen - stable and replying

pridedean - stable and replying

sweetcrowley - stable and replying

simormonroe - critical condition

generalspnrp - handling the hate well

devastatingdean - stable and replying

protectdean - stable but taking break from tumblr (post from friend here)

paintedcastiel - stable and replying

weirdlymeee - stable and replying 

thankcas - stable but resting

clippedwings - stable and replying

gabrielsfeatherybutt - stable and replying  

purifycas  - stable and replying

33strong - stable and replying

itsmycrazyuniverse - stable and replying

thcrin - stable and replying

biofthetiger - stable and replying

bloodcurdlecas  - stable but taking a break for a while

astralgabriel - stable and replying

sweatrjensen - after seeing amber’s friend’s post she said in her tags she’d call 112, i hope she has but please continue to message supportive stuff

mundanecas - didn’t relapse and is doing better 

harderdean - stable and taking a break from tumblr (post by boyfriend here, and hers here)

owlstretching-time - didn’t relapse and is now trying to sleep

axispowersshella - stable but asking those who can to reblog this so that she can message those people when she feels suicidal/self-harms

snowbriel - suicidal posts, police are with her atm

ceilingfires - her last post was very suicidal!

neverhomeless - tons of suicidal posts

floatingkitty - stable and replying

frecklecas - stable and replying

landofrunawayangels - unstable and not responding

queerjared - stable but keep the love flowing!

colonel-panic-world - not received hate mail, just depressed

forestsam- stable and replying

jinglehellsam - suicidal messages!

hawkspy - stable and replying

somebuckyiusedtoknow- went for a run and is now stable

candycanemoose - stable and away from tumblr with friend

hailbarnes - stable and replying

heckypadalecki - stable but taking a break

tales-from-perdition - stable but still needs love!

sexcastiel - shit ton of stupid anon asks but they said they’d be okay

burnedoffwings - stable and responding to messages

novakly - stable and sleeping

clinty-barton-rp - not sure if stable but resting

scallisonstockings - is really upset

aehilles - generally down

goldensamulet - stable and replying

frostyswann - stable and taking a break from tumblr

deeackles - ambulance is on its way

deansloverboy - attempting suicide!

thatdemonsangel -attempting suicide!

mishpad - stable 

santadeanie - stable and taking a break from tumblr

holyackles - stable and getting sleep

rocknrolldean - getting hate

stillfightingthosefairies - suicidal posts

frozen-hippie-musicals - suicidal posts

z-addickt-z - suicidal posts

my-neighbor-castiel - hasn’t replied to her friends messages and has been getting bad hate

queen-of-the-rising-demons - very suicidal posts

If you know any of the bolded people/can help please call the authorities/ambulance IMMEDIATELY.

Read this post to see what you can do to help someone who’s overdosed!

Thank you to all and let’s stick together in this stressful and painful time. x