So a friend of mine gave me her Twitter account with a Liam follow recently (9/27) and I was so incredibly happy. Liam has been my inspiration in music for the past year, but has really pushed me past a lot of insecurities in my field. I study audio engineering and as a girl, it’s very hard to work and feel comfortable in that field when it’s overrun by men. But Liam has helped me so much to overcome a lot of hurdles.

On the night of 9/28, just a day later, I decided to DM him my “story”. I thought, “I think I’ll just message it all and kinda have it has a practice getting everything out coherently. And then I’ll message him again when he’s online in hopes that he’ll respond.” So I honestly was not expecting any sort of response. I was just typing and trying to get everything out.

Towards the end of my long story, my phone buzzed. I was messaging him from desktop Twitter just to make it easier on me, so I wasn’t really paying attention to the window per se, but more of what I was typing to make sure everything was said the way I wanted it to be said. But I looked over at my phone, and saw “Message from liam” and my stomach tightened up and I looked back over to the computer screen, just as it loaded, and there it was. He messaged me. Not only did he message me but he read EVERYTHING I had sent him. And there were a lot of messages (I’ll link the tweets below so you can read what I sent him. I’m really proud of my progress and what I sent him so I’d appreciate more people knowing about it).

I was shocked. I wasn’t crying, but I was definitely shaking, and having a bit of a hard time breathing. But for the most part I was relieved. Relieved because he finally knew about me, knew what an impact he made on my life, and was nice enough to read it all and message me about it. And he gave me his support!!! HE CALLED ME HUN. God.

Yesterday I had a really long day, waking up at 5am for work, having another job interview midday (which I totally smashed), and then 3 hours in the studio immediately afterwards where I had to produce a band for the first time. And I can honestly say, if Liam hadn’t messaged me the night before, I would have been struggling and grumpy and annoyed. But I wasn’t. I felt full of life and ready to take on anything life put on my plate.

I’m even more excited about my future now and am ready for my success. I had great confidence I would make it in the music industry before this, but now I just KNOW I’ll make it. I can feel it inside. Thank you Liam.

Tweets containing my DMs:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The first thing they notice, inquisition:

Vivienne — the first thing Vivienne notices about a person is their posture. How they present themselves. How they value, or don’t value, a chin held up high, shoulders squared, a straight back.

Iron Bull — he notices a person’s scars, but he doesn’t ask about them, mention them, or indicate he’s seen them.

Sera — the first thing Sera notices about a person is their tone of voice. Is it soft? Loud? Do they tiptoe around their vocabulary or do they speak as they think, everything else be damned?

Solas — Solas, too, notices a person’s speech patterns, but he listens for what is not said. What thoughts might be running through a person’s mind? What might they be dreaming when everything else is quiet?

Cole — what Cole first notices is a person’s eyes. Specifically, are they looking at him?

Blackwall — what Blackwall notices in people is their stance. Do they look ready for anything that comes at them? Or does it seem like a strong breeze might knock them over?

Dorian — Dorian may appear confident, perhaps overly so, but he has his uncertainties. He notices people’s nervous gestures, their fingers twisting or tapping, their bodies swaying ever-so-slightly in agitation — this is something he does not allow himself to show.

Cassandra — Cassandra notices your bullshit. And she will call you on it.

My boyfriend asked them to pretend they’re stealing me away from him, they were not sure what to do at first but then Patrick grabbed me and turned into a supervillain. I tried to look terrified but I was trying to stop laughing so I look vaguely amused instead.

And Joe’s fucking face behind me oh my god.