I just MIGHT have a squinter line this morning! It’s so so very faint and I can see it just as much as I can’t see it, so I’m not getting my hopes up until the line is unmistakable. Can’t wait to test tomorrow! I would take a picture, but it doesn’t show up because it’s too faint.

Trying SO hard not to freak out right now.

Picnic lunch with Auntie Gayle! She looks mad but she’s really just not a good squinter.

Love this baby, mad, squinty or otherwise!

Second butthole installments are old news! Instead, visit Dr. Crackho for a fabulous butthole piercing! He’ll puncture your gassy squinter with flashy jewelry to have you fitting in with all of hollywoods A-listers. Also, ask Dr. Crackho about getting a nostril installed below so you can use your brown sneezer to snort your favorite powders!
Much love to @crackho for piercing pins and tacks between the cracks!
#legendary #surgeon #hammer #powertools