anonymous asked:

*patrick voice* "Happy Happy birthday to you!"

*Squidward’s voice* ITS NOT MY BIRTHDAAAAY
(Psst thank youuu

exoskelegant asked:

whats the origin of the sins of the flesh i want to make this squidward voice recording good and the way im saying "the sins of the flesh" seems a little lackluster, i need some motivation

the sins of the flesh originated after i came back from tumblr hiatus and saw too many corporate memes (specifically the funyuns memes) and i couldn’t fall asleep bc every time i closed my eyes i saw “the sins of the flesh” with a little tm sign on the end in neon and it drove me absolutely crazy and i couldn’t stop seeing it and thinking about copywriting the phrase myself and it was totally hilarious to me and possibly other people but mostly me. in conclusion sinning is good fun for the whole family, remember to fill your daily sin quota

shykouhai asked:

kaneki: haise... please look at me. call my name haise: [looks][sqquidward voice] oh no hes hot

thanks now im imagining kanekicest sex with squidward voices