all the boys on the hockey team are like “no homo” and then they see him and they’re like “[squidward voice] oh no hes HOT”

also i am so sorry for that shoe

[squidward voice] krabby patties? how disgusting, what a load of (trips) (hundreds of pictures of krabby patties spill out of jacket) what miserable- these aren’t mine.  i’m just (gathering them up frantically sweating) no i don’t like-  listen, I just. listen (hundreds more pictures of krabby patties scatter across the floor) no wait I’m holding these for spongebob just LISTEN.

theblondemermaid asked:

Omg a fellow Quickdevil shipper!

oh wow I’m just as surprised as you to find out that there’s someone else!

i…. just want a fic where like the two of them cross paths and spar with each other and matt wants to hate him and beat him up bc pietro’s like super cocky but *squidward voice* OH NO HE’S HOT and matt gets all flustered and i’m just rambling but damn it can’t someone just write ONE FIC i mean just ONE