The voice actors of Spongebob and Squidward read a scene from “Dying for Pie.”

They get paid American dollars to do this folks.




I should not be looking up this… this is sad.. why am i doing this!? But i am enjoying this.. and it is nearly mid-night.




→  L I S T E N 

track list:

・ even in death | clark powell

・ dead hearts | stars

・ creation | tyler dever

・ dialogue | salyu

・ flare | clark powell

・ numb | marina and the diamonds

・ opus 26 | dustin o’ halloran

・ nothing left to say | imagine dragons

・ subwoofer lullaby | C418

hi i’ve never made a fanmix before, but i was having a lot of near feelings these past few days so i decided to try - a key word here - to make one. there’s only 9 tracks, totaling 31 minutes.

a lot of these are instrumentals and one of them is in japanese, so the mix isn’t really focused on lyrics, instead its focused on a sort of melancholy feeling, but a nice one, like where you are alone but you aren’t lonely. and then there’s a couple in there picked for their lyrics that make me sad when thinking about near.



*squidward voice* fuTURE!!!!!!!!