Pause Squats // 3 sets of no-fun // Strict Ring Dips

I’m finally feeling better, but still feel a little off. And after this little ass-kicker, I’m really feeling a bit off. 

STRENGTH: 6x3 Pause Back Squats (2 seconds in the hole)


These started easy and got hard enough that I couldn’t go up by 20# anymore. I did it in my nanos, only with knee sleeves as accessories. Sometimes it’s probably a good idea to ditch the extras and do some raw lifting. Can’t always wod in lifters, so it’s good practice.

WOD: 3 sets with increasing intensity each set 

20 burpees

20 KBS 53/35#

20 Wall Balls 20/14#

20 Ab Mat Sit-ups

60 DU

So, as that’s written, you’d assume there’s a rest, right? Each “set” is done separately and judged against the others? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Apparently not. Should have just been 3 RFT. Coach needs to learn the “RFT” acronym. To me, “set” indicates separated by rest. You wouldn’t do 3 sets of back squats without resting.

Anywho, I did 4:22, 4:31, 4:25 RXd, starting at 0:00, 10:00, and 24:00 respectively with a running clock.

I rested until nearly recovered. Still a fantastic workout, even though I didn’t go straight through. Everything was unbroken except for the doubles. Those were not fun at the end, but were okay. 

POST: 10 min EMOM 4-6 strict ring dips

Got 6 each round except for the 2nd (5 reps) because my elbow was doing something really strange and hurt a lot. 59 total reps. 

I’m totally a bad person. After doing 5 days on, I should have taken 2 days off instead of 1. Totally too impatient for that. Plus sugar cookies + ice cream + cheesecake (sans crust) … needed to get back in the gym. 


Fresh of the nightmare’s presented to us in the last ASAP Science video about sitting, I figured we should look at this great squat routine from the ambiguously European, Ido portal. I personally like to do a short movement routine in the morning to start off the day and have been incorporating some of these squat exercises.

Considering the rock bottom squat is the natural human resting pose, what does it say about our lifestyle of most people today can’t even get to it. I encourage all of you to work (safely) on being able to not only get to the rock bottom squat but relax in it. Watch TV, read a book or talk on the phone while in the squat.

Before I get any messages about what Ido has said about Vegan’s in the past, i do not give a shit. Just because I like what someone does in one field does not mean I support them as an entity. I disagree with what he said and actually have been told he has gone back on those remarks. 

That being said, I would love to have Ido put on a gi and roll with him. I don’t say that with malice intentions, I am deeply curious how someone who is so knowledgeable about the human body and its patterns  would do in a Jiu-Jitsu match.