65% Off Alianza by Corradine Fonts until July 31st.

Weighing in with a generous 9 weights and 3 styles, Corradine covers a ton of ground with the release of Alianza… A square-ish geometric slab at its core, but with an unusual twist… It includes a script style variation beyond the usual regular and italic sets.

The script immediately brings to mind the mechanical/structured stylings of the popular Thirsty Script by Yellow Design Studio, and very reasonably could have seen an entirely separate release… Itself bringing 9 weights to the party, it stands on its own quite well.

Overall, its hardly a stand-out specimen when we’re talking geometric slabs… but the 1-2 punch of excellent weight coverage and a complementing script make for a more compelling value proposition.

30 fonts for $133, or you can cherry pick individual weights for just north of 8 dollars each.


90% Off Norpeth by The Northern Block until December 16th, 2013.

A modern humanist sans serif typeface. The proportions of each character have a strong lateral dynamic that makes it ideal for on screen uses. Also consistent stroke contrast is used throughout each weight to maintain an optical balance.

Details include 9 weights and italics, over 570 characters, manually edited kerning and opentype features.


Tharper teeth, longer tongue.  Noted.

Change log:  After the coat has completely fallen out and the hide has become a proper carapace, the midsection becomes segmented and partially elastic, taking on the current coloration of the Queen who initiated the conversion.  The musculature and endoskeleton is in the process of altering, leaving the legs largely numb and unable to be used.  The darker spots indicate the place of a future hole, and will flake away after the stage is completed.

The skull begins its metamorphosis at this point, taking on a small squarish snout, and causing the formation or alteration of the horn as well as the development of fangs.  At this stage the ears will also change, becoming more angular as their opening changes position.  The mane and tail grow darker and more membranous as well.  The eyes change throughout this stage, clouding over as they become the segmented eyes of a drone changeling.

(Diamond is roughly halfway through her conversion, and there are still several stages to go through before it is finished.  After a brief period with Diamond drone we will be returning attention to Canterlot.)


  • I like the idea of it’s casting animation to be a spiral, but halfway through it starts to unravel and get wonky. For school symbol I like the idea of a tipped scale. Either one scale having fallen off or one just being really weird.
  • Main new weapons are canes. Why? Well canes are pretty cool and would look really nice.

  • The outfits would consist of a LOT of mismatching. Fun fact this is a male outfit made to have a slight effeminate feel to it. The female outfit will have a bit of a masculine feel too it.

  • The main thing I tried to keep with this was the use of circles squares and triangles. If you notice a lot of the schools are kinda “assigned” shapes. For example I’ve found that outfits made for the fire school tend to have more squarish patterns, while lets say ice, has more circles. So with chaos it’d be all mixed.

  • I still feel like some more patterns should be added to the chest but whatever for now.

This has been your friendly Chaos school needs to happen reminder.

So art told me to do a self portrait on my tablet, I’m posting this sketch here first with a bit about myself I guess…

Things Oki doesn't like

· Her very flicky, short fringe

· Her lower lip (It’s bigger than the other)

· Her complete lack of sleep!

· Her short layers that always flick up when she does her hair.

· Her squarish shoulders.

· Her naturally bored expression.

Things Oki likes appreciates

· Her skin. (It tans awesomely)

· Her her eye colour.

· Her eye shape. (She does wear heavy makeup on her eyes though, oo-er…)

· That beauty spot under her lip. (Adds to her natural sass)

Things you should know

· It is quite obvious she gets little sleep, 5 hours to be exact.

· Her hair is dyed a red colour, though it’s naturally dark brown.

· Her father is dark-skinned and her mother is fair-skinned, creating a unique blend of… something.

hoenniswheretheheartis said:

From your posts about Gergory's Horror Show alone, I get the impression (even if I don't think it is) that it was orginally concieved in Minecraft, if only because of how squarish most of the characers seem. Then again I haven't done any of my own research, so feel free to laugh maniaclly or however you laugh. Uheh.

according to wikipedia, gregory horror show ran from 1999 to 2006. And Minecraft was released in 2011. I wish somebody would make a mod for it though because that would be incredible.

imagine getting to wander gregory house on a server with your peeps. iMaGINE THE SHENANIGANS THAT COULD HAPPEN IF PEOPLE PLAYED THE CHARACTERS