favorite mass effect relationships » Male Shepard & Garrus friendship

"One of my favorite places to fight!"
"The CIC of a warship?!"
"Right there above the gardens and below the electronics shops."
"And antique shops, as I recall."
"But only if they’re classy!"


Once we’re in, they’re going to throw everything they have at us. If we’re weak, if we’re slow, if we hesitate, we’ll die. The Collectors attacked our ship. They took our crew, our friends. They think we’re helpless. They’re wrong. They started a war, but we’re not here to finish it. We’re here to make them regret - to show them and everyone else what happens when you go too far. No more running, and no more waiting. Let’s hit them where they live. (x)

korrasami/mass effect crossover: where korra is korra shepard and asami is one of her powerful hot squadmates

i tried to assign all the Korra characters roles but i really don’t know what Asami would be because she’s a healthy mix of Liara (beautiful, calm and supporting. also great networking skills),Tali (smart, techy engineer) and Miranda (issues with her father, similar appearance). Soooo…….obviously the solution is to draw Asami as a Cerberus cheerleader, a quarian admiral and an asari shadow broker

So I found this Mass Effect Height chart for some of the aliens (source linked) and I decided, based on proportions of heads/body on a human scale, to mess with the heights  of some of your teammates! I used Jack and Zaeed as the basis for humanity but the more character’s heads aren’t scaled to their body the bigger chance of something weird happening with it. Margin of error is 1.5 inches. Ranges involve the size of head in ratio to body.

Left to Right:

Tali: 5’10-6’1
Zaeed: 5’10-6’1
Mordin: 6’3-6’6
Samara: 5’8-5’11
Liara: 5’7-5’10
Wrex: 6’4-6’7
Thane: 5’10-6’1
Jack: 5’7-5’10
Garrus: 6’0-6’2
Leigon: 5’9-5’11
Grunt: 6’2-6’5

For fun I also tried to science out the Yahg and Batarian:

Yahg: 7’5-7’8
Batarian: 5’10-6’1

So yeah. Mass Effect heights.

The night has been rough. Most of the crew is hanging out on the Citadel, which leaves Joker to himself. Something he didn’t usually mind, but he’s been plagued with nightmares this time around. Cold sweats, crying, Joker isn’t himself. He pulls out a small photo of his family and looks at it closely, running his thumb over his mother and sister affectionately. “I miss you, guys….” He whispers, closing his eyes as he tries not to cry again. He doesn’t hear the footsteps behind him.