anonymous said:

Dear (female) bestfriend

dear destiny,

waddup little midget lmfao, yo I still remember the day I met you and ronnasia. I still die thinking about but I can’t even pick between you two because y’all both my best friends tbh but you always arguing and shit with ronnie about this so I write your name lmfao I’m dead. but you have me crying all the fucking time I swear you make any situation funny. you and ronnasia are the craziest mfs I ever met like wild shit. to the times at my house, yours or even ronnie’s our little sleepovers (got me sounding gay as shit) make my fucking day we stay acting dumb at three in the morning lmfao. then we have ronnasia make us breakfast. BECAUSE WE THEM LAZY NIGGAS #SQUAAAAAAAAAD but I tell you all the crazy shit and sometimes the stuff I keep bottle inside and we all smoke together to let it go (shoutout to frozen lmfaooo) we all got too many memories together I swear. but I love you for being thee for me YOU THE REAL MVP