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1) Favourite TV shows

Sherlock, Dr Who, Game Of Thrones, Supernatural

2) Favourite Doctor (Doctor who) OR Favourite Pokemon

Well out of the three Doctors I know Christopher Eccleston I would have liked to have seen more of, but since there wasn’t much him I have to say Matt Smith.

3) Favourite Item of clothing/ Accessory

ATM, The Lamb of God hoodie a friend gave to me, its so warm

4) Play any Musical instruments?

5) Do you know what a Mathom is? (No Googleing it now!)

I’ve heard the word, and I think its something to do with the lord of the rings

6) Longest Marathon (in the least sporty sense) of what? 

Dose animating for uni count?
If not then the time “mean girls” was on repeat on my computer for 2 days while I worte an essay.

7) Top 5 Films

The Avengers
Mean Girls
Batman (1989) & Batman Forever

Lion King

8) lucky Number?


9 ) Bulbasaur Charmander or Squirtle?


10) what was the last thing you ate?

11) Credit card number, mothers maiden name, first pet, pin number and any common passwords?  

1. Sam or Dean Winchester?

2. What are you wearing, RIGHT NOW?

3.  Favourite TV show

4. Last time a movie made you cry or scream in fear?

5. If you got to keep one of the Avengers who would it be?

6. Last movie yo saw in the cinema

7. The most expensive item of clothing you own

8. Favourite Batman 

9. Gamerscore

10. Favourite Disney film

11. Bacon?