Excerpt from  NYTimes Article:

Q. What did you do in your audition for “Spy”?

A. God bless Paul Feig — I didn’t audition. He wrote it with me in mind. He knew my sitcom on the BBC and luckily for me enjoyed it. So now I owe him my life, which is really annoying.

There’s a moment where you’re attacked by bats. Any other indignities?

A:I had to have a mouse running on my shoulders — I was like please, let that be in the edit. It was a real mouse. They put it on my shoulder, and I could feel it sort of in my neck. That’s a weird day at work, isn’t it?

Like most British actors, are you classically trained?

A:I did do a year at drama school in London, and being tall and, as they kept saying, “unusual-looking,” [I realized] I’m never going to get the sort of girlfriend or daughter parts, or slot into Shakespeare very well. I got the sense that I was going to have to do my own material. I thought, no one else was going to write me a lead in sitcom; I’m going to have to do it.

Are you famous enough in Britain that you can’t walk in the street?

A:I think the paparazzi have realized that I lead such a boring life that they don’t follow me anymore — it’s me walking my dog, yet again. [But] I wouldn’t particularly enjoy walking in a shopping mall in the U.K. It’s kind of nice coming here, because no one knows me. Check-in at Four Seasons, it was like, “Oh, you want ID? Yes, of course!”

Will you spend more time in L.A. now?

A:I would love to work more out here. I think there’s more — it’s hard to describe — more energy somehow. Back home, we go to moaning within seconds: “There’s no tea, no proper tea bags.”

50 Cent is in “Spy,” and you have a physical altercation with him. Did you have to psych yourself up for that?

A:That was my first scene [to shoot]! Running, tackling him to the ground. In a way, it was good, because otherwise I would have spent weeks working out, “What will I say to him?” But instead it was, “Hi, nice to meet you, now I’m going to lie on top of you.”

“Laberinto entre rejas”

#Spy - España

Estación Intermodal La Cisterna

>“Escogido por ser un centro de conexión urbana, la Estación Intermodal La Cisterna es el escenario de la intervención del artista español SPY. El sector en que confluyen habitantes de diversas comunas por medio del sistema de transporte, se transforma en un laberinto por medio de rejas peatonales, que parodian el enrejado entorno del sector.”

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