I did this on snapchat a second ago for my story, and I honestly don’t think I’ve said anything more truthful.
These people help me more than I could ever explain.
When I feel so alone that it’s crushing my insides and driving me insane, i can turn on their videos and feel better. I don’t feel so alone.
For that 10-30 minutes, I am not alone. There is someone there to make me laugh, feel scared, and just make me happy.
They don’t know who I am, they don’t know what I look like.
All they know is I’m there watching. I’m there enjoying their content.
I love these people more than anything and I really look up to them.
Thank you so much. Really.

masterjoram said:

Hey Mary, do you cosplay? If so do you have pictures?

Yep, you can see them on my instagram (sprmaryface) and occasionally on my twitter (marygthomson)