Here is the second of our Halloween workouts designed by our expert partners to help you get fit enough to survive the zombie apocalypse.

This is the Evasion and Escape Workout designed for Tribesports by The Hybrid Athlete. This workout will work your cardio and speed with some HIIT and bodyweight strength training combos that are sure to get your heart rate up and give you a fighting chance when you are being chased by the zombie hordes.

After sprinting two miles naked, and then running all the way back to my apartment, only to get a call from my father telling me that my mother has decided to disown me and my grandmother has seen my dick, and then telling me he hopes I rot in a holding cell— didn’t happen, credit to sprinting two miles, I think last night was a success.

We’ve got another HIIT challenge this week to get you moving and burning extra fat. Try this Tribesports Challenge and log it here when you’ve done it! You can do it!!!


This is my first attempt at making a video on sprint training and editing it myself. It was a bit of fun, hope you like it.

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I am pretty structured about my training as you’ve probably already surmised. I just came out of what I call “offseason” which is really only about a month. But I’m still a ways from starting a marathon buildup, or even pre-marathon base building. So I call this phase my preseason. And a big focus of that is reintroducing a lot of speed and power work that doesn’t get to happen when marathon mileage is taking precedence.

On that note, tonight went down like this: about a 2400 warmup, followed by 20 minutes of diagonals on the turf soccer field - sprint the sidelines at about 90% effort, slowly jog the end lines to recover, then I finished up with a 2000 cool down.

Those sprints were tough, no doubt. Short though they were, it’s been a while since I ran that hard. Still they are a necessary precursor for the miles that lie ahead months from now. And that is what preseason is all about.


Interviewer: “So competition is not the reality? This, training, this is the reality?”

Usain Bolt: “Listen. The hard work is behind the scenes. Competition is the easy part.”

(por fastestman)