The true face of social services.

For all we know, the client in question could be disabled or on medication that makes it difficult for them to wake up easily. They could have worked late at their job and been dead tired. Even if that’s not the case with that particular client, how many more clients does this disgusting dude take pleasure in denying food who do have these issues? And how does the DSS get away with calling people at 7am on a Saturday when it’s illegal for telemarketers to even do that??

This guy works at the Springfield, Mo DSS, a place I myself am all too familiar with (though I no longer live in the area). This only confirms what most people living there have already assumed for years: these social workers do not care about the people in their community who need assistance!

I encourage everyone who cares about the dignity of people in poverty to speak up by contacting the Missouri Department of Social Services about this matter:

Address: 101 Park Central Square, Springfield, MO 65806 Phone:(417) 895-6000 Twitter: @MissouriDSS Facebook: Mo DSS

Springfield, IL., Just Gave The Key To The City To Cobra Commander [source]

In a decision that can’t possibly have any negative repercussions for the city’s helpless residents, Springfield, Illinois mayor J. Michael Houston has given the key to the city to noted terrorist leader and snake enthusiast Cobra Commander. Ostensibly this was done as a promotion for the upcoming JoeCon, the G.I. Joe collector’s convention which will be held in Springfield April 9th through 12th, but I think we all know Cobra Commander is plotting something.

I guess Springfield was tired of losing out to Chicago for “Most Corrupt City in Illinois”?