So I saw Ed last night and it  was literally the best thing ever, 

we were in the balcony so not many people were by us, and we were a bit off to the side. I’m not sure why but people were getting carried out in the front I think its cause they were fainting or something. But the show itself was amazing. 

I never thought I’d ever see him in concert like ever. 

Kara is one of the 5 finalists to win Springaling meet-and-greets and get the opportunity to take a sniff hug Ed for the very first time! 
Please be a kind soul and vote for her sob story. 
It literally takes 5 seconds! (Hers is the very las one on the list). 

I’ll go make you some gifs of Ed doing ‘the thing’ with his lips as a thank you for being awesome and helping Kara make her dream come true (:

Thanks to everyone that voted. Mom didn't win.

The bigger surprise is that I won another contest for Ed!! I won VIP Box Seats with a meet and greet. I’m still in shock, but I know you all feel that I win all the time. I guess it does seem that way, but I never expect it. I just enter and hope for the best.

Credit card interest hits record high

Interest rates charged on credit cards have hit a record high amid fears for the future of reward cards following a new ruling by the EU on interchange fees. 

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