A T T E N T I O N *** P L E A S E ***
ONLY 4 MORE DAYS i eat you

Soundtrack for the next week

::::::::::::::::: Wednesday: Sven Dohse ::::::::::::::::: 

::::::::::::::::: Thursday : Acid Pauli & NU ::::::::::::::::: 

::::::::::::::::: Friday : Dear Us ::::::::::::::::: 

::::::::::::::::: Saturday : Spreedelay ::::::::::::::::: 

:::::: Here is a little inspiration ::::::

:::::::: if you like ::::::::

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Mimi is my favourite DJ. I am not just saying this.
At this very moment she really is. She plays music from the heart with sweet melodies. 
We had a fun day out fand about running around Berlin for her PR stuff and came back with a bunch of pretty cool shots and some newly discovered locations. I also came back home with a lot of new music to listen to. Selected track from her.
Fairtrade, i’d say.

Listen to Mimi’s mix here: