It's 2015 and...

Agender people are amazing

Bigender people are amazing

Cisgender people are amazing

Genderfluid people are amazing

Genderless people are amazing

Genderqueer people are amazing

Questioning people are amazing

Transgender people are amazing

Two-Spirit people are amazing

The only thing keeping anyone from being amazing is by not accepting others.

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to karukara, aki-anyway, cyrilliart, haveyouquitefinishedlouis, thechoicewasallmine, plaidshirtsandheadscarfs, problematicassharry, zarah5, prettytruthsandlies, yourssincerelylarry, because they deserve it ♡♡♡ I'm forgetting plenty of prople too brb

I don’t know what God you’ve heard about.
But my God is a God of love and tolerance.
Not a God of hate and anger.
These “followers” of him that spread pain and ignorance,
Aren’t followers at all.
They are using God as an excuse.
—  God isn’t an excuse for your stupidity.

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i used to not really like renaldo but you made me start to love the lil nerd li ke jESUS he's become my child

Ronaldo is actually a very sweet person once you get past the weird
he’s apologetically himself and I love that about him

If you are reaching out to people, I am proud of you. 

If you are seeking proffesional help , I am proud of you. 

If you are taking some time off tumblr to calm your soul, I am proud of you. 

If you are still hanging on, I am proud of you. 

If all you can do is sit around and keep breathing, I am still proud of you. 

You are doing you best you can do now. tomorrow you will do better.  

Keep looking forward, keep looking toward recovery, even if it seems so far away. 

You matter. 

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teapotpourri, larrysinlove, intenselouis, droppedmyburrito, proudoflou, louibi, toooldforthisship, stylinsinz, justadoreya, harrybirthdaytoya, anchoredlou, tummylinson if you aren't following these blogs i feel sorry for you, all of you are so nice and cute