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i just need to say this again

please don’t upload my gifs on weheart.it as my description clearly says not to do that, and as my gif captions and even some of the gifs say ‘do not repost w/o permission’, don’t ignore that and do it anyway

it’s very hurtful because i just know someone will repost those gifs from there to tumblr without any credit. i work very hard with my graphics so it makes me feel that my work is utterly worthless as no one cares that i was actually the one who made it

so can you please stop that?

and also stop thinking that weheart.it is good site and ‘source’ it’s not. that site is full of stolen stuff and no one should think it as a normal source.

just wanted to say

it breaks my heart to hear Strife doesn’t think he’s that funny, and that he’s struggling. That big ball of nerdy goofness is sometimes the only thing that can cheer me up, and for that he will always hold a special place in my heart. His voice is one of the most soothing sounds I know, and I have yet to watch a video that hasn’t resulted in me clutching my face to hold back the grinning.

I know that I can’t do much, but I can continue to draw fanart to spread awareness of him, and continue to watch his content, because he deserves to be happy


I’m at a loss of words.
This is so disrespectful to my culture to others to the human population as a whole.
We are all one species I don’t understand why we treat each other this way, I don’t understand why we find humor in the suffering and pain that others experience.
I’m appalled.
I will forever fucking stand up for my people!

I’ve got some hate mails after posting photos of the terrible earthquake in Nepal where all my love and thoughts are right now. (also where I lived for few years and where I have family and friends).

So here’s a tip to those who took some time to spread their own frustration:

- get naked, lie down on your bed, make love to yourself exploring your erotic spots;

- allow yourself to rest with eyes closed in the dark for 21 mins following your breath;

- take a shower to clean and refresh yourself. Wear the clothes you like the most;

- go out of your room and warmly hug 3 people;

- find a tree, sit down under it, feel the vibes and send your best thoughts to those who need;

- do something useful and spread awareness with an altruistic clear mind;

- be happy doing something to help others who need;

- be grateful. Always.


3dstaplermayhem asked:

Catholic follower and a defender of Israel and God's people here. I'm sick of the rise in antisemitism in my country and in Europe. My heart truly goes out to members of the Jewish faith, and anyone who stands with them. People really need to open their eyes not blindly follow hateful mainstream news. We need to band together and see Hamas, Palestine, and hateful Muslims for Walmart they truly are. Enemies of freedom, and human rights. Thank you for spreading the truth. תודה לך , אלוהים יברך

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your message. In this time of need we count of you, the righteous among the nations, to help us and spread awareness. The Jewish people appreciate enormously the support and we thank you.

G-d Bless you where ever you go.

Peace & love, always. 

anonymous asked:

I really dont like what youre saying i mean honestly why cant you just let people live their lives? Why do you have to devote your time to hating on somebody elses happiness. Live and let live. I dont mean to be rude but its just frustrating to read.

Hey, this blog isn’t my entire life’s work. I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s life. I’m just trying to spread awareness.

I accidently wrote “sj1″ instead of “sh1″ first and now im laughing

his name is harry mason he’s in town to spread justice and awareness

This is your daily reminder that it's okay to not have a godphone.

It’s okay to not be a godspouse.  It’s okay to not have a ‘radio’.  It’s okay to never experience a single magical or divine moment, to never be able to reach the astral/otherworld, to never see your gods in dreams or hear their voice during your prayers.

You are not broken.

You are not alone.

You are not unloved.

You are not unholy.

You are not inferior or 'not good enough’.

You are special, unique, and have or are developing a loving relationship with your deities unlike anyone else on the planet.  Just because you don’t fit a label does not diminish the importance of your worship.  <3


Hi everyone. Kate’s family is trying to reach out to Katy Perry and spread awareness about dating violence.

It would mean the world to her friends & family if you would like this Facebook page ( https://m.facebook.com/friendsofkathrynrosemauke?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FpGHkWcMCK3 ) and tweet the hashtag #RipKatyCatKate.

Please help us share Kate’s story with the world.


This is what’s happening in Brazil.

The media, the politicians and the police are trying to blame the protesters for the beginning of this whole mess, but the video shows clearly that it is the police who’s being violent. The governor of São Paulo has made clear his opinion that the police’s actions are correct and that the protesters are just troublemakers. Do not believe the media. The protesters are the victims. Their fight is legitimate and legally right, and it’s (supposedly) ensured by our very own Constitution.

This is the country that’s hosting this year’s FIFA Confederations Cup. If you have any respect for Brazilian population, and if the images of this video scare, disgust or enrage you in any amount, don’t come here. Help us show the government that this is not okay.

hey guys, the girl on the right is my best friend’s sister. Her name is Deidre, and she was recently diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer. The guy on the left, Riley, is her boyfriend, and he decided to shave his head when her hair started to fall out so that she wouldn’t feel weird or out of place.

their story was recently on ABC News, which is amazing. They deserve a national spotlight.  

So please reblog this and help spread awareness. Thank you so much.


Hello everyone! Kolton could really use a pick me up right now. If you could send sweet messages or like or reblog this to spread awareness for Nager Syndrome, that would be so great! I just want Kolton to know how special he is and it would be nice for him to hear it from someone other than me! And nager syndrome definitely needs more awareness than it’s getting.