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Yosh! It’s already been 1 year since I first joined Tumblr~

yes that’s little me riding a turtle in the middle-pic

I’ve been wanting to do a follow forever for a long time, but I had no idea what they were. But now I now! (*^▽^*)


Yo~~ I haven’t been to school for 1 week!! I hope you didn’t miss me too much hehe >u<


Hello my beloved chingu~!! I haven’t been to school for 1 week right and I hope that you didn’t miss me too much either! I’m sorry that I haven’t answered your snapchat’s either TuT


Hello unnie~! I’m sorry that I haven’t been talking to you for a long time T-T I promised you that I would share the moments I had in Thailand with you but I’ve totally forgotten!! >n< I love you~~!!


Yoyo~~!! I’ve promised you that you would be one of the first to know when I send in my audition~ >u< I still haven’t sent it, but when I do~ You will know!! ^-^ 


Waahh~ Senpai!! >u< We haven’t been talking to each other for a while, how are you?? TuT I’m really bad at keeping contacts with friends OTL But know that I still love you~!!


Unnie! We haven’t known each other for long but I really really like you~~!! ^-^ Let’s fangirl over Bangtan more together in the future!! ^u^

Honestly I want to send a personal message to all of you but I’m afraid that it would take too much space and time ╥﹏╥

But I still love all of you!!

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Honestly I think I messed this up T-T 

I hope I haven’t missed anyone!!


Okay so I know the cover of BoO has been out for a while now, but the fact that Jason was wearing a CHB shirt just pissed me off entirely. I’m not saying that his whole character arc of becoming his own person is bad but still. He lived in CJ during his entire childhood!!! And then suddenly eight months at this new camp turns him into a Greek? I can’t understand the fact that he wants to abandon everything that he grew up with, all his old friends, his old HOME, for something that lasted for such a little while. I dunno, I guess to me, the real Jason is always going to be Roman. Just like how Percy is always going to be Greek.

Got this at the only record store in Shanghai. Its fun and full of pop fun hooks. Later on he’d sing ‘we’re all in this together’ and for some of us it became a thing. #spq #benlee #vinyligclub

SQP Launches The Art Of Pinturero and New Amazons

Since its inception way back in 1973, mail order has been the backbone of SQP publishing. Long before the advent of direct-sales comic book stores, or the acceptance of fantasy art in the mass market, let alone the wonders Amazon.com or even “the interwebs”, SQP Art Books has been selling its unique blend of naughty and VERY nice selection of illustrated delights directly to their customers.

Even now, If you still enjoy that “ol-timey” feeling of paging through an ACTUAL full color catalog showcasing over 130 titles, they’ll send you one for FREE (check website for details).
The company has just launched its new, cool hip and groovy website, streamlined for ease of use and yet jam-packed with brilliant (albeit semi-nude) images, featuring the best in fantasy, erotic, and pin-up illustration from around the world! There you can digitally dig around the entire SQP catalog of wonders, plus virtually wander through a massive gallery of original art (and actually purchase something that catches your eye!)

Sensual and luxuriant, the paintings of the artist Pinturero (Pintu to his many fans) are a joy to experience. His women are magnificently detailed and filled with both style and seduction. Pin-up pretties, modern-day punk fairies, and wild warrior maidens in equal portions!
48 pages in full color. $14.95
ISBN 978-0-86562-241-8

NEW AMAZONS – The Paintings of Claudio Aboy
When it comes to the subject of statuesque females that inspire equal portions of awe and lust, Claudio Aboy is pretty much your go-to guy! His brand of bad-ass beauty has his fans coming back time and again for his masterful blend of blade and babe. Here are dangerous curves you’ll happily embrace, as Aboy presents a full-color gallery of incredible amazons for your enjoyment!
48 pages in full color. $14.95
ISBN 978-0-86562-242-5

SQP Launches The Art Of Pinturero and New Amazons was originally published on METALMACHINE.NET

Cheaters and the Cheatees

Hello yes hi

Today’s lesson is how to react to being cheated on

You do not blame the other woman (or man or whatever they choose to be, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m just gonna refer to them as a woman.  This lesson applies to all kinds of relationships, but to keep it simple, I’m going to address the situation as woman-man-woman).  

In case that got lost in the word jumble

You do not blame the other woman.

Women have no reason to be blaming the other woman for the actions of the man.  He’s capable of thinking for himself, right?  He went out and found another woman of his own free will.  It’s not common, as far as I understand it, for a lady to set their sights on a happily taken man and think ‘Imma steal this prize for myself’.  

Might that happen?  Sure.  I’m sure that has happened before.  

But often enough for that to be the default conclusion? 

Not that I know of.

It’s more likely that she’s been played just as much as the original girl.  Most likely, she doesn’t know she’s the other woman.  If she finds out, a standard woman with a standard capability for empathy will be devastated.

She did nothing wrong, so why would the other go beserk?

And really now.  If a man goes out and cheats on his girlfriend, what’s the good in trying to drive the other woman off?  Again, no one held a gun to his head.  If you run off the other woman, he’s likely to just go out and get another one.  

The cheater is the problem.  Not the cheatee.

 Thank you

Inspired by the lovely and honorable Miz Jill Conner Browne

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On your theme 'Snow Patrol' I can't seem to get the changing sidebar codes to work. Is it compatible with that theme?

It is NOT compatible with Snow Patrol because the sidebar image is a background image not just a plain image. Sorry.

Approaches to Learning in First Year University Physics

Wilson, R., S. Georgakis and M. Sharma, 2012. Approaches to learning in first year university physics. J. Soc. Sci., 8: 216-222.

O nível superficial ou profundo de aprendizagem em física de dois mil e trinta alunos universitários Australianos (2.030)  ao longo de 3 anos consecutivos e de 3 cursos de Física básica, intermédia e avançada (de acordo com a experiência prévia no secundário) foi medido, utiizando um questionário de processos de estudo.

Nos estudantes do nível avançado foi registado um nível elevado de aprendizagem profunda, enquanto que nos estudantes do curso básico verificou-se um nível elevado de aprendizagem superficial.

spQ & A TAG


1.      Always post the rules

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1.      Favorite fruit? Strawberries  

2.      If you could have any other hair color than your own, which would you want? Natural black. For unnatural I’ve already had purple and red now I realy realy want blue hair

3.      Twitter or Facebook? I check facebook more but I prefer twitter

4.      Where’s your favorite place to be on a rainy day? Inside. Don’t care where just as long as I’m not standing in it waiting for a stupid bus

5.      Most recent mobile game you played? I dont have any games on my phone (no memory left). The latest tablet game I played was candy crush saga though

6.      Favorite class or course? When I was in school English. Now its Practical or Animal Room. Basically in this class we clean out, feed and handle animals. That’s it. That’s the lesson.

7.      If you had to be stuck at the same age for the rest of your life, what age would it be and why? Hard to say. Maybe 16. You’re old enough to do things yourself and not treated like a little kid (or at least I wasn’t). But your not expected to be an adult either. 

8.      Favorite ship(s)? Deep breath 

Hawkeye X BlackWidow 

Tony Stark X Bruce Banner (Broship)

Dean Winchester X Castiel (Pls don’t shoot, Bi dean is my headcanon)

Dan Howel X Phil Lester (Broship)

  Ron X Hermione

Fitz X Simmons

Ginny Weasely X Luna Lovegood (BFFs)

Applejack X Rainbowdash (BFFs) 

Zuko X Mai

Now for the HS Ships 

Rose X Kanaya <3

Gamzee X Tavros <3/<> (either will do)

Sollux X Feferi <3

Sollux X Aradia <3

Jade X Dave <3

Sollux X Dave <>/<3</<3

Sollux X Karkat <>

Sollux X Eridan <3<

John X Dave (Brotp)

Mituna X Latula <3

Mituna X Cronus <3<


Damara X Meanah <3<

Meanah X Aranea <>/<3

Meanah X Vriska <>/<3

Mom Lalonde X Dad Eggbert <3

Sufferer X Disciple <3 

Psiionic X HIC <3(I have a really tragic/angsty headcanon about this ship so shut up)  

Summoner X Mindfang <3

Dualscar X Dolrosa <>/<3/<3< (i’m gonna need a bullet proof vest aren’t i??????)

Psiionic X Handmaid <>/<3 (handmaid only)

Psiionic X Dualscar <3<

9.      Would you date waiter or a chef?Waiter. I have enough problems with eating too much as it is thank you very much

10.  Where do you go and what do you do when you want to be left alone? I go to my room (though that doesn’t always work). And I play my music, watch youtube and/or browse the internet/tumblr

11.  Chicken nuggets or chicken tenders?? Nuggets!!!1111 Always nuggets.(though KFC’s chicken tenders are good) 

12.  Why are you answering these questions?They looked fun :o3

1. If you could be any animal real or fantasy what would it be?

2. What’s your NOTP and/or Rare Pair

3. Birthday (Don’t have to include year)

4. Favourite Book

5 Favourite Disney Character and a Quote

6.Favourite Youtuber

7.Favourite Musical

8.Favourite Musical number

9.Any guilty pleasures?

10. Superhero or Supervilan and what powers 

11.Do you believe in anything supernatural (For example I believe in Ghosts, Angels, Demons and Aliens)

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kardeşim dediklerine bile güvenmiyorsan kardeşim dediklerinin baya kişiliği var demek o kişi nasıl biri

Ya uzun zamandır tanıdığım bi kız var benim en kötü zamanlarında yanımda oldu ve asla hakkını ödeyemem ve öz kardeşim kadar severim ha başka arkadaşın yokmu e tabi var onların yeride başka ama işte ne biliyim ya kendimi çok boktan hissediyom amk hissisim ben -,- hsjsjsşspqğ