A Pisces child and its Scorpio parent form a harmonious union. As both are water signs, they understand each other very well and are easily amenable to any social situation. Scorpio is a brooding and secretive type, while Pisces is idealistic and impractical. The Pisces child has a tendency to be introspective, and can understand the parent`s mysterious nature. Pisces offers gentleness, kindness, and sympathy, which Scorpio appreciates. As a result, they are able to accommodate well. This is why they enjoy even the silent moments together. They understand each other`s dreams and plans like none other. They communicate on a very deep level, and both are willing to go an extra mile to accommodate the other`s needs and the feelings. The best aspect of this relationship is their similar emotional natures. They complement and blend with one another very well. Their mutual empathy and commitment keeps the conversation flowing between them.

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Soneto para petr cech - Fresno 

Será que você já tentou imaginar,
O que eu ia fazer ocupando o seu lugar?
As decisões que você soube fazer
Será que eu vou ser tão bom quanto você?

Olho pro espelho e vejo alguém sem saída,
Mesmo com problemas bem menores do que os teus.
As cicatrizes de uma vida tão sofrida
São bem mais fortes do que todos os versos meus.

Então (Queria ser) não deixe a luz se apagar
(Igual você) Você vai precisar (de alguém) pra encontrar em mim
O que há de sobra em você (Saber amar)
Deixa eu compartilhar (Só pra rimar) a vida que você levou
Deixa eu tentar aprender…
Como você fez pra ser assim?
Pra ser assim…

anonymous said:

Stucky prompt thing Bucky and steve the night before bucky ships out and it being fluffy and yeah. You might've already gotten something like this sooooo awkward but yeah

haha I haven’t for the SPPC, but I’ve actually written my take on this scene before in my main story Little Lies to Get Me By. You don’t have to read the entire thing, since it’s super long, but Chapter 16 touches up on this, and then the actual sex scene carries over into the beginning of Chapter 17

Granted, it’s NOT fluffy, it’s actually very emotional between them, BUT, give it a read and let me know if it satiated your prompt at all. If not, I’d be more than happy to put this on the prompt list and make it a light, non-emotional/non-angsty, one shot haha