A Pisces child and its Scorpio parent form a harmonious union. As both are water signs, they understand each other very well and are easily amenable to any social situation. Scorpio is a brooding and secretive type, while Pisces is idealistic and impractical. The Pisces child has a tendency to be introspective, and can understand the parent`s mysterious nature. Pisces offers gentleness, kindness, and sympathy, which Scorpio appreciates. As a result, they are able to accommodate well. This is why they enjoy even the silent moments together. They understand each other`s dreams and plans like none other. They communicate on a very deep level, and both are willing to go an extra mile to accommodate the other`s needs and the feelings. The best aspect of this relationship is their similar emotional natures. They complement and blend with one another very well. Their mutual empathy and commitment keeps the conversation flowing between them.

Planning and Policy Council Vacancies

When DIDD became a department in 2011, the Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) was updated to reflect this change and also to create Statewide and Regional Planning and Policy Councils (PPC), as well as a Developmental Disabilities Statewide PPC to allow for public collaboration on issues affecting the department, people we support, and those interested in our services.  The department appreciates the input and ideas these Councils have generated.  Four of the five councils will have vacancies in the near future.  We need your expertise and experience because we value your opinion.  The department urges those who are interested in serving and willing to volunteer their talents and time, to complete an Interest Form.  A link to the form is available here.    New council members will begin their service in January 2015.

Pursuant to TCA 33-2-202 and 33-2-203, the Developmental Disabilities Statewide, East Regional, Middle Regional, and West Regional PPCs shall have the following purpose:

The Councils shall advise the Statewide Planning and Policy Council (SPPC) on a desirable array of prevention, early intervention, treatment, and habilitation services and supports for persons supported and their families, and such other matters as the Commissioner or the SPPC may request; and provide information and advice to the department on policy, formulation of budget requests, and development and evaluation of services and supports.

We look forward to the input and ideas council members will contribute and welcome this collaboration between DIDD, persons supported, families, providers, and advocates. The deadline for form submissions is December 19, 2014.  Forms can be returned via e-mail to or by mail to Hollie Campbell, Deputy Director, Policy and Innovation, 400 Deaderick Street - 9th Floor, Nashville, TN  37243.


Soneto para petr cech - Fresno 

Será que você já tentou imaginar,
O que eu ia fazer ocupando o seu lugar?
As decisões que você soube fazer
Será que eu vou ser tão bom quanto você?

Olho pro espelho e vejo alguém sem saída,
Mesmo com problemas bem menores do que os teus.
As cicatrizes de uma vida tão sofrida
São bem mais fortes do que todos os versos meus.

Então (Queria ser) não deixe a luz se apagar
(Igual você) Você vai precisar (de alguém) pra encontrar em mim
O que há de sobra em você (Saber amar)
Deixa eu compartilhar (Só pra rimar) a vida que você levou
Deixa eu tentar aprender…
Como você fez pra ser assim?
Pra ser assim…

Wow, thank you both! <3 (Unless you’re the same person, in which case, thank you SINGULAR human being!) I really appreciate the kind words - I’m glad you (both?) have been enjoying the stories ^.^

To the bottom anon, ahhh, I’m SORRY! xD I’m going to assume you were a Stucky shipper before stumbling across my writing, so I am so not taking blame for that one :P Blame Stucky! THOSE BOYS are the ones who hooked you - I merely perpetuate it and write about them constantly doing the frick frack (and apparently rimming the fuck out of each other on an almost constant basis hahaha). But I love you!

To the top anon: Thank you!! <3 It’s funny to think that I only started writing my first story in May (I didn’t even have a Tumblr until the end of May, I think… maybe June?), and then suddenly August came and I started the SPPC, and suddenly I have like 20 stories up. The fucking hell, these two boys have thoroughly ruined my damn life even more than they had before. WHY GOD WHY. Funny enough, the other day, I jokingly said to my mom, “You know, I’ve written over a half million words of Steve and Bucky fanfiction in the last 5 months… I could’ve written, like, three whole series by now…” 

And she goes, “Well why haven’t you?”

And I replied, “First of all, I have about a hundred original ideas floating around, but NONE of them good enough to try and publish professionally. Secondly, it’s Steve and Bucky, mom, come on. Are you even asking?”

And my mother - bless her - goes, “Okay then. That’s fine by me; you’re not allowed to write anything original until the Little Lies series is complete”


Mom, you’ve made me so proud wtf

I love you too, anon - as much as one stranger can love another. I’d hug you if I could. So in the meantime, here, have this (both of you)


CHAMPION             St. Paul College of Pasig                   SPCP

1st Runner-up          Miriam College                                   MC

2nd Runner-up         Dela Salle Santiago Zobel                 DLSZ

4th Place                  St. Scholastica’s College                   SSC

5th Place                  St. Pedro Poveda College                 SPPC

6th Place                  San Beda College of Alabang            SBCA

7th Place                  St. Jude Catholic School                    SJCS

8th Place                  Assumption College of San Lorenzo   ACSL