ok no but my friend and i were talking about the portal au some more and. [slams fists on table] wendy and bebe as atlas and p-body.

which would make craig fact core p3p

edit: i fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up

J.League Review: Urawa Reds go three points clear at the top

#jsoccer #NagoyaGrampus [Sportal.com.au]Yahiro Kazama’s Kawasaki side were also left frustrated at Nagoya Grampus , who claimed a 1-1 draw to boost their survival hopes. Nagoya, who are four points clear of the relegation zone, were the only team in the bottom six to avoid defeat in the …

Third baseman Charlie Culberson #23 of the Colorado Rockies collides with pitcher Juan Nicasio #12 while Nicasio was making a throw to first base against the San Francisco Giants in the bottom of the second inning at AT&T Park on June 15, 2014 in San Francisco, California. Nicasio was charged with a throwing error on the play and pitcher Madison Bumgarner of the Giants was safe at first base. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)


perkirns said:

I really like the idea of Kenny as Rattman, care to elaborate?

oh this is one of my favourite things about the au because. at first me and clyde we. we were caught for ideas so we just dumped rattman on kenny but i think it would?? idk i feel like it would fit. and im not TOO caught up on what rattman was like but. he went along with the initial idea with cartman because man he liked cartman but cartman kills him with tests the first time they go in and kenny obviously comes back and he just. he feels SOOOO betrayed and hes stuck in the lower fucking levels and man is he pissed. and he cant die/?? this is where we have to put in some creative license bc i know he needs his ol’ ma to keep living but THAT RUiNS tHE au so he just keeps regenerating and cartman thinks hes dead. kyle and stan think hes dead. they all think hes dead and he like leaves these drawings to kyle and stuff and. eventually the stress of dying over and over and aging back to ten again just drives him insane and by the time kyle and stan find him it takes a lot of time to. to fix him i guess? and he never really gets better because of what happened and he can’t really look at cartman the same 

that probably made no sense at all BUT IT DID IN MY MIND I SWEAR i didnt really explain it that well i hope it made enough sense tho!! 

Alla # conferenza #stampa di #presentazione della “#PrimaveraArgentina in Europa” tenutasi a #Roma, ho il piacere di conoscere e scambiare alcune battute di #calcio (e #calcetto ) con un ospite #davvero d’eccezione: #Maradona #diego #armando #argentina #napolicalcio #numero10
(presso Ambasciata Argentina)