Rags and Riches

Summary: Spoilt brat Philip Lester is used to having all his problems solved for him, even his problems with the law. Fed up with his attitude and behaviour, Phil’s parents refuse to buy him out of trouble and Phil soon finds himself sentenced to community service where he comes across a homeless boy with deep brown eyes who might be able to change the way Phil sees the world entirely.

Genre: Fluff (I’m pretty sure it’s fluff), AU

Warnings: Homelessness

POV: Third

Words: 5208

Beta: gatsbys-old-sport

A/n: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, I was working on a fic for the phanfic exchange (which I’ll post here eventually) and exam season is starting soon so I’ll try to write as much as I can but fics may be a little sporadic

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Okay…. I went MIA. AGAIN. Sorry, but I’m sure you all have gotten used to my sporadic style of writing. I’ll turn the www.BlondeAngelBaby.com website back to public Friday, but only with the resources and guidelines since I know they are more resourceful that my .tumblr blog account. Will update on the in’s and out’s on Friday as well.

Still watching the SB tag tho! *As Always*

On a positive note… Almost to 12K followers and I’ve been super inactive! Thanks to everyone that continues to follow me through my quiet spells!

Love Ya, Babies! 😘😘😘


Isn’t it ironic? DON’T YA THINK?

I jotted down a few ideas about how this song relates to spn at the moment right after the episode, when I was tired and my thoughts were sporadic and jumbled, so I’m going to try and organise them now:

As Metatron himself points out, the most infamous thing about Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” is that supposedly absolutely NONE of the situations described by the lyrics actually fit the definition of irony, despite Alanis’ apparent claim that what she is singing about is ‘ironic.’

BUT there is a case to be made that THAT ITSELF is what is ironic about the song - a song titled “Ironic” that does not describe irony, oh isn’t it ironic?

PLUS, irony itself is a tricky concept, different people have different ideas of what it means, on what does and doesn’t classify as irony/ironic, not to mention there are a LOT of different TYPES of irony some of which mean radically different things.

So it seems to me that referencing the song in the context of spn highlights the confusions and conflicts the characters are having over how to define or label things (ie. attitudes, behaviours, other people, themselves)

Cas, for instance, considers himself an ‘angel (of the lord).’ Others, such as Metatron in Book of the Damned and the dying angel in Stairway to Heaven, believe that he does not fit the definition of angel anymore (if he ever did).

What I find of most interest at the moment, however, is how this relates to the ongoing confusion in the show (and the fandom) about what constitutes LETTING GO or MOVING ON or GIVING UP

Here is a quick list of a few recent moments in the show which can, and have, been argued as examples of those three concepts, either by characters in the show or by the fandom or both:

  • Sam not hunting, looking for Kevin or trying to get Dean and Cas back after the S07 finale
  • Sam being willing to sacrifice himself in Sacrifice
  • Sam accepting his death in I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here
  • Dean wanting to stop looking for a cure to the Mark
  • Dean wanting to burn the Book of the Damned
  • Cas not looking for a cure to his grace problem

I’m sure there are others, but those were the biggies that came to mind.

Those are all examples of LETTING GO, MOVING ON or GIVING UP

Which is which… well, that’s the question

And I think “Ironic” is commenting on that as well. Because the key aspect of the chorus is how it is framed AS a question - isn’t it ironic? don’tcha think? Which is not so much claiming that everything being sung about IS ironic, but making the issue a topic of debate, encouraging the listener to form their own opinion on what is and isn’t ironic and if they think any part of the song fits that description.

Just as spn is leaving its narrative open to our interpretation, leaving us to think about how we label/define its characters and their actions/behaviours/choices

AND ALSO, perhaps, having “Ironic” referenced in the show implies that the way things are labelled/defined/understood sometimes varies depending on the context or on the personal thoughts of those involved. One of the lyrics of the song reads like this: “isn’t it ironic…don’t you think? A little too ironic…and, yeah, I really do think…” Offering a personal opinion on the topic - the singer (perhaps Alanis herself) notes that THEY consider what is being sung AS ironic. Does that make what is being sung about objectively ironic? No, not necessarily. But it does, perhaps, make it at least TRUE TO THE SINGER.

Which could relate to our boys in the show. 

Cas, again for instance, may not be considered as fitting enough of the definition of ‘angel’ for Metatron and others, but if HE HIMSELF identifies as ‘angel’ then is it not, perhaps, TRUE FOR CAS that he IS an ‘angel’? 

Or Dean not wanting to use the Book of the Damned to save himself - Sam, perhaps, considers that as Dean ‘giving up’ on himself, but if Dean himself considers it as LETTING GO of and MOVING ON from a destructive pattern of using dangerous and costly methods to cheat death, is it therefore TRUE FOR DEAN that he IS letting go and moving on as opposed to giving up? 

And are such personal truths as these ‘real’ enough that others should accept them as true, even if they personally don’t consider them such?

Personal truths/interpretations CAN be flawed, after all. People can be mistaken, esp. when we are talking about defining abstract concepts (eg. emotions, emotional states, perhaps sexuality and so on), which includes the concept of letting go etc. I think. People can misunderstand their feelings, or their ability to comprehend their thoughts/feelings may become compromised (eg. hence why consenting to sex while drugged is not considered ‘true’ consent). Ergo - do others sometimes have the right to overrule someone else’s ‘truth’ for that someone else’s good, because they recognise that said ‘truth’ is NOT true, and if so where do you draw the line for that? when is it okay to disregard someone’s claim of what is true and when isn’t it?

THOSE are the issues/questions the show is exploring, partly though the use of  Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic

…don’tcha think? ;p


//I’ll push my hiatus down to a semi-hiatus.

I’ve been freaking out over studying for two-three week away exams. I feel like I don’t know half of what needs to be ingrained in my mind, and for what it’s worth, my procrastination has taken over my life.

I procrastinate about my education, as well as drafts. I’m going to work on correcting that, and hiatus-ing my blog won’t do much other than deprive me of social interaction. I need to learn how to truly learn, rather than simply absorbing information as I’m used to. My RP blogs have nothing to do with that, and don’t take up as much time as say, drawing and other things.

That said, this blog is supposedly already on semi-hiatus, derp. I guess what I’m saying is that activity may be slow, sporadic, or any number of things, maybe even doubly so. For that, I’m sorry, but my life needs to take priority.

Feel free to get in touch with me via Skype.

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Three things I have in common:

  1. Usually chill.
  2. My best subject in high school was mathematics.
  3. I also like women with nice legs.

Three things I don’t have in common:

  1. I suck as acting. 
  2. I suck as backgrounds.
  3. I don’t go on sporadic slapstick violent spurts when the star of my shows does not show up for the club. 
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