Purg Scientists: our civilization is so advanced that we can hone the existing laws of physics and do cool scifi things. we are the best.

Purg Witches: hey wanna see something cool [grab the existing laws of physics with their bare hands and bend them into a kickass new shape]


Purg Witches: lol just watch us do exactly that u nerds [sick broomstick ollies into the sky]

Purg Scientists: NOOOOOOO

anonymous asked:

can cis ppl experience dysphoria

dysphoria in psychiatry is defined as a “profound state of unease”. pervasive or sporadic dysphoria accompanies many mental illnesses, as well as existing on its own. what people usually think of dysphoria tho is bodily dysphoria which is being profoundly stressed and dissatisfied about your body - and anyone can feel that. 

feeling it all the time and having it interfere with your life (pervasive and intrusive) might indicate you suffer from a disorder like BDD (body dysmorphic disorder). and having BDD in itself is often associated with having an eating disorder, a personality disorder, with being transgender, or with a combination of those or other things.

feeling gender dysphoria though (being deeply dissatisfied with your gender or body parts commonly thought to be gendered) is a pretty big indication you are transgender. can you question your gender for a while and then come to the conclusion you are cis? sure! absolutely. but chances are, if you experience gender dysphoria at a point you are probably trans.

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these next two weeks are going to have a lot a lot of me crying. this is a blog housekeeping post w/ info about what to ts if certain stuff stresses u out ok, kids? 

for those not interested in my complaining: school posts will be tagged #school and whiny posts will have the additional #i’m whining + the usual #shush

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Thank You

To all of my followers: thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. As some of you older followers and fans of my blog may know, I try to blog two posts a day, but recently I have been failing to do so. I am sorry for slacking. I will probably be posting sporadically for the next week or so before I get back to my usual 1-2 good posts a day.

Please stay with me through this rough patch. Please continue to follow me, and by all means, please continue to message me and/or suggest a person you would like me to pull quotes from. That said, I feel like I owe you all an explanation as to why I have been so sporadic with my blog recently.

Today marks the one year anniversary of my divorce and I am hurting.

As a man, I know that is taboo to admit, especially in such a public forum, but it’s true. The tears running down my cheeks while I type this quick note, are tangible proof that men can hurt. More than a year ago, I lost my wife, my daughter and my comfortable life. I was served papers to appear in court and I was totally caught off guard.

I mean, I always knew it was a possibility; my ex-wife and I had been separated for almost a year prior to her serving me papers. However, I was gullible. I was naïve enough to believe her lies, and idealistic enough to believe I could fix our marriage. I thought she truly wanted to work things out with me, and I believed her. But I was burned and burned badly. So, after my life completely imploded, I turned to Tumblr as a cathartic way to blog my pain away.

However, blogging and tumbling has now become more than a simple act of catharsis: it has become a hobby, a passion, a window into new worlds and perspectives, a way to learn, a way to connect with others.

But to bring it all home, I simply wanted to thank you all for following me. You are all the best.

Your Friend, Sean

For those living in the Balkans:

Anarh festival 2015 (09/05/2015 Hartera, Rijeka, Croatia) 

• Festival of Free Thought and practice •

The program:
Free goods (flea market without money) - 12 - 20h
Free food (free lunch) - approx. 15: 30h
Free skills (workshops) - sporadically
Free art (free music and visual arts) - 12 - 20h
Anarchist Distribution 12 - 20h
Take it from or leave it to the library 12 - 20h


Autonomous groups and areas (examples and practices) - 14: 00h
The methods of resistance - 16: 00h
Connecting autonomous groups and space (creating connection on a local and international level) - 18: 00h



Prosecution trying to discredit sporadic usage or lack of social interaction on Holmes’ part by saying the at a wouldn’t be included if connected to home wifi. Although, that would suggest that Holmes’ never left his apartment on these days. 

the only episode of CSI i really remember is the one with the guy who was murdered while wearing a fursuit and they have to go to the yiff club to look for clues and when the furry bouncer asks if they know the password to get in the guy guesses “e - i - e - i - o? “

Finals Suck.

Sorry for the lack of posts today and lately. But it’s that end of year crunch and finals stress me out. 

I have a test tomorrow, and then two finals next week, so this week will be sporadic and playing favorites while I study. 

Love you all.

- People who offer you their own personal notes for classes you missed are precious angels who must be protected at all costs. 💕 I’m really lucky to have classes with the humans that I do – I’m not overly close with any of them in particular but they are all so kind and golden-hearted and friendly and I don’t know how we ended up with such a genuinely good bunch.
- Scrounging up your only few ounces of courage and forcing yourself into social situations and having them go well is so rewarding.
- Meaningless crushes who you only interact with occasionally are the very best because there’s no expectations and no disappointment and it’s just sporadically pleasant and therefore ideal.


Obviously there are spoilers in this post so if you don’t want major and/or minor details on the movie don’t read this post.

Also I apologize for the sporadic thought process. It’s been like 5-7 hours since I’ve seen the movie and I’m kinda tired. I’m just writing shit down as it comes to me.

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Just imagine coming home from a long day of work or school and walking in to find Luke, who has had an even longer day in the studio, asleep on the couch and his mouth is hung slightly ajar and his hair is flat and pushed inside a beanie that is falling off. The light from the barely audible tv lights up his face sporadically and the colors dance over his peaceful eyelids and tiny nose.  He looks too serene and exhausted to wake up so you cross the room to grab a blanket for the boy curled up into a ball on the couch but when you go to drape it over him a tired hand reaches up and grasps your wrist and pulls you down to him.  He uncurls his body and molds it around you, planning a kiss on your cheek before burying his face into the crook of your neck, and even though you have a huge bed with an actual comforter and pillows just up the stairs, using the thin blanket and Luke’s bicep as a pillow is much more preferable.  You would just start to fall asleep to the sounds of his slow breathing when Luke would mumble half asleep, “I wrote a song about you today,” and would softly hum a pretty little melody that you hadn’t heard before against your skin until he fell back to sleep.