Momentary pause from sporadic Fuck Yeah Blackout reblogs to show these unicorn horns i made outta polymer clay today. They all glow in the dark!

Hi mumblrs! (and dadblrs, pregblrs, ttcers, lurkers, what have you)
I’m a new admin, signing as Q. I’m a first time mom to a rainbow baby girl after 6 losses (which reminds me, I started over at mumblrlosssupport). Me and her father live in Arizona, with our pet lizard and my mom. It’s not as weird as it sounds. 

We attachment parent, exclusively breast feed, cloth diaper, baby wear, vaccinate (but on a slightly altered schedule), plan on baby led weaning, and no, I don’t expect that anyone will remember any of that. 

I’m a big fan of hiking, mountain climbing, responsible gun handling, sporadic travel, and eating exotic meat. That’s enough random facts for one post, I’m excited to get to know you all. 






Imagine #4 Louis loses it.

"The City" by The 1975 plays in the background. Your NY apartment is sporadically lit as tiny bits of snow float past the window. You’re moving around a lot cleaning up half eaten grilled asparagus and steak.  What a waste..you thought.  Louis is in the other room getting ready, putting on a fitted leather jacket, skinny jeans and keds. A swoon worthy combination. 

Your outfit however was one that had taken some effort, a cut-out, floor length shimmering gown. Perfect nails and spiral curled hair. Your collective hotness enough to rival Bey and Jay. Meanwhile, Harry and his date for the evening sat on the couch in the living room. Trying to ease their own awkwardness. You tip toe across the hard wood to check on him.

 ”Louis?” You peek your head into the room. 

"Yes, (Y/N)?" He responds

"Can we talk about what just happened?"

"Sure, why don’t you come in and sit down then." He’s being sassy.

"I think you’re losing control of yourself, you need to slow down before you burn out. I’m serious" You say carefully.

"This isn’t some kind of intervention. (Y/N) I’m behaving just fine thank you, I can handle myself. I’ve been doing it for quite some time now." He spoke trying convince himself. 

You could see the pain in his eyes, the pain of being on the road, missing everything he had known, his home, his family and you. If the pressure of maintaining the image of normal 20 year old wasn’t enough. He had to do it in front of millions. He had to be there for the other boys, considering they looked up to him the most. 

Your job was to be the strongest out of both of you. So he could have someone to fall back on.

"Babe, you don’t have to put on a mask in front of me. I’m your girlfriend." You say slickly and walk over to wrap your arms around him, kneeling a bit.

"I’m not, I don’t have a damn problem." He’s now trembling under your touch. 

"Just let go. Please, it’s going to be alright. We can get through it." You kiss the spot under his ear and whisper.

His heavy breathing gets the best of him and you hope for the life of you he doesn’t have an asthma attack. You begin to kiss him to calm him down. You press your lips into his. He starts to kiss back slowly, sucking on your top lip. Your body tempetures rising by the second. He pulls you closer leaving a trail of tingly kisses on your neck and shoulder. The feeling giving you indescribable happiness inside. Louis was a great kisser.

"I can’t…do this, I’m sorry." Louis says suddenly dropping you from his embrace and getting up off the floor. He shakes his head. "I need some air." He grabs his keys and walks right out the door.

You look out the window not sure what to do next.

To be continued…

For all of my new followers heads up I have an obsession with hot wings and will sporadically post pictures of wings that im eating lol

You know when you’re excited to finish your workout and you get on Tumblr and see someone’s workout post (ahem!! chrissy-mas-fuerte ) and you die a little inside?

That’s when you remember that comparison is the thief of joy. My body is not her body, my goal is not her goal, and my fitness level certainly is not her level!!

She has busted her ass CONSISTENTLY for YEARS, while I have been sporadic at best.

We both have our respective health issues and we both respectively kick ass!!!

So instead of feeling down when you see someone else’s ginormous workout post, see it as living proof that what you’re doing really will pay off with consistent effort! Or assume they’re lying… ;)

Idk if I’m gonna write today. I’ve done 15k in four days and a chapter a day. I feel good about it. I usually write like 2k a day very sporadically so this is amazing. I’ll micro plot today but I’m gonna go get wine and just enjoy my vacation time. I’m still going to write tomorrow but I just feel exhausted instead of well-rested.

It's that time of year again!

Yep. Finals. The make-it or break-it hour. And you know what that means, right? That Tumblr will now be used against me. The lavender carrot at the end of the stick. Just letting you know that the sudden, sporadic drop in posts the last few days is thanks to that. I should be good in about 2 weeks, but until Spring Break, Imma go ghost….

at freakin’ random-ass intervals.

Thanks for waiting up for me!

Hugs and kisses,

 Miss Pop

in related news

I’m really glad that I’ve discovered running and CrossFit etc as an outlet.  Yeah I am trying to lose/maintain weight and exercise is a big part of that but also I just feel better after a workout.  I feel better after challenging myself or lifting more weight or running an extra mile.

in high school and even most of college, I exercised sporadically (I swam competitively in high school), ran a few half marathons (mostly without training oops) but never felt the way I feel now. 

I am happier and healthier with consistent exercise.  I cope better with stress and frustration and sadness with consistent exercise.

I look forward to going to the gym.  I look forward to running an extra mile, or adding weight to my squats.  I’m happy that I found something that I like to do, that adds value to my life and to my day.  I’m glad that when I feel like shit, I can do something constructive instead of self destructive.

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Oooh it's finally opened!! just a fic with beagle line as either your best friends or family, whichever ya prefer xD plot and such up to you guys

Of Bonfires and Late Nights

Instead of your alarm blaring bright and early at 5:30am, for you to get your not so happy ass out of bed, this morning your phone was making sporadic dinging sounds every ten seconds, screen lighting  up with each new message received. Groaning, you looked at the time. All right, it was a little later than your normal alarm time, but still. It was the Saturday after midterms. Whoever the hell was messaging you should know better than to disturb your well-deserved slumber. You had worked your tail off, studying up until the wee hours of the morning, and after countless pots of coffee and flashcards it was finally over.

Glaring at your phone yet again, you snatched it up from where you had placed it on your pillow the night before. Before you could swipe your thumb across the screens smooth surface, it lit up and you were able to see there were 47 unread Facebook messages waiting to be read. You were unable to resist the urge to roll your eyes this time. Only Chen, Chanyeol and Baekhyun would blow your phone up so early in the morning.

Chanyeol: No but seriously guy, what would you say if I got a ferret?

Chen: Ew.

Baekhyun: Seriously ew. I don’t wanna be anywhere near that nasty ass rodent thing.

Chanyeol: You guys are so mean I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!!!


Chen: Tee hee, sorry did we wake you sleeping beauty?

You: Yes you most certainly did.

Baekhyun: #sorrynotsorry

You: Well fuck you too Bacon

Baekhyun: That’s not my fucking name you bitch, you better watch out or I’m gonna shine a flashlight in your face and blind you

Chen: Well that escalated quickly….

Chanyeol: Hey are we still getting together tonight for the bonfire at my place?

Baekhyun: Duh

Chen: Am I still bringing stuff for s’mores?

You: Mmmmmmm s’mores

Chanyeol: Yeah man. Baekhyun bring drinks that AREN’T ALCOHOLIC BECAUSE MY PARENTS ARE HOME.

You: I’m making dip and bringing chips, that okay?

Chanyeol: Sounds great. See you all tonight!


You were the first to arrive at Chanyeol’s house. His parents greeted you warmly at the door with a hug and a gentle pat to your shoulder. Mrs. Park was a kind woman, practically a second mother to you and her home just had a comfortable aura that over the years you came to know and cherish. Chanyeol’s father grabbed the dip bowls you were balancing and led you into the kitchen, politely asking how school was going, how your parents were doing and what all you had planned for your weekend. It was only a few moments later you heard loud footsteps bounding down the stairs, and you broke into a a small smile which you covered with your hand as you heard Chanyeol’s mother remind him yet again that there was to be no running down the stairs.

Only nodding to his mother, Chanyeol placed his large hand on top of your head and gave it a friendly pat, and you could hear the smile in his voice.

“Well someone’s early.”

“Oh you know me, only fashionably early when I want to be. When are Baekhyun and Chen gonna get here?” You said, playfully kicking at his feet.

“Any minute, Baek texted me like twenty minutes ago. He is picking Chen up and heading on over,” Chanyeol says before stuffing his face with some of the chips and dip you brought in. While the two of you waited, you took it upon yourself to grab some big plastic bowl to dump chips in, talking about nothing important. The atmosphere was comfortable, and soon enough you found yourself thanking the heavens above for such a great friend. A nostalgic feeling washed over you, and you just didn’t want this moment to end. You wanted to etch this moment of genuine friendship and happiness into your mind forever, because when college ends you knew that more than likely your paths would separate and pull each of you in different directions, and moments like this would be few and far between.

The ringing of the doorbell brought you back to reality, and one glance at Chanyeol you knew it was on. In the blink of an eye the two of you were charging for the door, both of you trying to shove each other away in the race to answer it first. After a couple unsuccessful swipes at the back of your head and some mild cursing, you had managed to trip Chanyeol and open the door while he was still down. Chen and Baekhyun barely batted an eyelash at your antics as they walked through the threshold, Baekhyun ruffling your hair further but quickly retracting his limp as you swatted at it. Chen’s melodious laugh followed him into the kitchen where he dropped off marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate and dug into your chips and dip. You held your hand out to help Chanyeol off the hardwood floor, he took it and the two of you were off to go start setting up the fire pit.


“Ughhhh I’m so stuffed,” whined Baekhyun who yelped as Chen flicked his ear.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have eaten so much then.” He just rolled his eyes to this statement and slid deeper into the fold out chair he was currently lounging in. You watched at Chanyeol stuck his leg out towards Chen and kicked the edge of his chair. You watched in amusement as the three of them started to bicker while you licked the remaining chocolate off your fingers from your third s’more of the evening.

The four of you had a wonderful even thus far, just eating, laughing, telling stories from the past and just enjoying each others company. Now that the four of you had been attending university, you weren’t able to have as many nights like this as you were before, and to be perfectly honest, you had missed it. You missed the comfortable simplicity of the friendship you shared, you missed how easy it was to just be yourself without judgment. Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol were the best friends you could have ever asked for, and as you looked over at the three of them you felt your heart swell up with an overwhelming amount of happiness.

You never wanted to drift apart. Yes from time to time there were disagreements, misunderstanding and arguments, but at the end of the day you were all were still the best of friends. These boys had always been there for you, though your good times and bad. They were your brothers. And you knew that they would stick with you through thick and thin, through all the ups and downs that life certainly has in store. In that one perfect moment, you found yourself full of gratitude, and you were happy.

-Admin. Rebecca


Day: 1331
Shirt: Moloko - Statues 2003 EU Tour
Color: Blue
Brand: Gilden
Source: (Wed) back in the late 90’s when Portishead was getting big there were a lot of “trip hop” knock off bands that capitalized on that genre but there was one that stood out as very unique and diverse, that was Moloko. they had a big hit back then called “Fun For Me” that was a real jam, and then took what seemed like a long hiatus. then released albums sporadically but rarely toured. finally got to see them in 2003 and checked that off my list. the singer Róisín Murphy now puts out solo music under her name which some you might even recognize more

I can’t believe any of this is real. I want to take you in the arms of the world. Take you in my arms and my heart and show you around for awhile. I smoked and breathed and sighed to get this state- these thoughts come from somewhere deep. My heart is like a stone and cooler than dirt. You say I’m a small thing a little one. I am never going to be anyone’s little one again. Bless me bless me. Let me see your colors and the shine. All of it is astounding. Altogether beautiful and transcending time and the stars. I wanted you with me ways and now I don’t want to think about the heartache and my pills only cover a certain degree of sad. It never used to be the way of painting sporadically at night and sobbing along to slow songs on your records. Give me kisses and gentleness. I haven’t felt that touch in so long and I can’t feel anything but perfection. My stomach likes to be a small empty vessel always on empty. The thermostat of my body is set to freeze. Freeze these little bones to sharp shivering things. I don’t see you like I used to. It’s like a veil has been torn from my eyes and I see your heart for the veins and blood and muscle it is. You are. I won’t remember this in the morning I barely remember it now. So I don’t need much bit just enough to make me stop self medicating.
It’s so hard to want to live my life. It’s so hard to live when you can’t see past today. This second. Warmth and soft I want to be soothing everyone will love me then. Love me then or now it’s okay its been twenty long years. People unloving one another is a way of life for me. This isn’t real. It’s too perfect. I’m too at peace. I don’t want to die or sleep forever. Well let me sleep forever and let’s call it a long nap. break my bones stay and know I’ll be alright. I’d say I want you to kiss me but we are supposed to be friends. Platonic is a word that I’ve come to know and it’s one that sticks in my teeth like toffee. I’m your friend and you wanted to fuck me and of that’s just lovely. Sometimes you didn’t wnat me at all. Early hours of the morning where arms and fingertips speak louder than words. Gentle night breeze calm for a whole times. Smoke a little. Drink some red wine. Take in pills till you forget I’m even there. You’re a blessing and my little curse and this is the drugs talking but I’m so high I could love you.
—  I want you but I’m a little shy