CLASSIC OF THE DAY: On the Road by Jack Kerouac 

On the Road by Jack Kerouac is the next installment of the young American man’s adventure through adulthood. Much like The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, depicting a young boy’s struggle through adolescence, we follow a different author’s non-fictional journey across America in an effort to experience life to its fullest. A young Kerouac in his twenties travels east and west meeting old and new friends, experimenting with drugs, struggling through poverty at times for the sake of being alive. 

It is apparent that this book is not a piece of beautifully written classic literature nor does it try to be. Kerouac’s sometimes rickety sentences and jumping storylines may make some English teachers cringe, but it creates a unique style that draws the reader into Kerouac’s sporadic mind. It is also extremely effective at building scenery the reader can become immersed in. Kerouac enters California stating, “I suddenly realized I was in California. Warm, palmy air- air you can kiss- and palms” (60). Using words that do not exist, as Kerouac often does, he gives the reader a beautiful view threw his eyes.

Enveloping the reader in a world seen through Kerouac’s perspective, the reader quickly grows attached to Sal, as Kerouac is referred to by his friends. The reader grows close to these characters as if they are friends of their own. Kerouac helps the reader build his or her own opinion of that person by breaking events to flash to a past action or a story about someone.

Some may call his writing scatter brained, but one cannot argue that no rock was left unturned. Every alleyway and opened is searched and closed as we journey throughout the book. Kerouac even recognizes his incredible ability to reconnect ideas writing, “Something would come of it yet. There’s always more, a little further- it never ends” (243). Often times, major events are protruded by a several page flashback only to be dropped back into action with a greater understanding than before. Not to mention, the landscape of 1940’s New York, California and America in general gives a younger generation a peek into a time of old.

On The Road is more than a delinquent’s expedition across America. It is the story that all young people create for themselves as they begin to carve out their own tale on life’s road. 

[Guest Reviewer: James]

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hollers softly

tbh i never felt like i would stick around for so long, but boy am i glad i did. i’ve met so many great people, so many have stuck around, and i’ve had some of the best times here. it’s been super awesome, and i hope we can have many more years of that.

makes ice cubes jealous

the ones who have stayed with me for FOREVER and i really hope we have many more years of being awesome. even if our talking is sporadic or spotty, i still love you with all of my heart, and i sincerely hope you know that too.

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forever staying frosty

those who’ve been around for a while as well, since the fallout fandom days, and i’m really glad you’re here. you hold a really special place in my heart. so thank you for all the headcanons, the meta, the banter, and all the inspiration you’ve given me. i feel like this is where i grew up the most.

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cooler than cool? ICE COLD

mass effect??????? mass effect (and rp). where i’ve met so many of you, and god am i SO PUMPED i did. you’ve made me laugh, made me cry with headcanons (you know who you are), and overall have been nothing but good in my life and meeting you all has been such a positive thing for me. accept all the love in the world from me.

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people on my dash i always enjoy seeing, even if i’m sucked away elsewhere. stay lovely <3

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thanks for sticking around, and here’s to many more ♥♥♥♥♥

–– zoomie

It’s no good.

Amica had thought that with a little time, his own rather sporadic nature would take over and he could forget the issue troubling him. After all, it’s a pointless whim. What are gods if not their natures? And companionship isn’t a bad role to play when compared to the curses of others.

Instead it needles at him, an unresolvable conflict pricking at his being. What a laugh. The god of resolution, trapped in indecisiveness between what he is and what he wants.

Clearly he needs some help.

whatdosendhelp asked:

Do you have any headcanons pertaining to regional accents in Tamriel? (Random, I know)


No that’s a good question, because the accents of Tamriel has been so sporadic and inconsistent. I might at well write a drabble on what would be expected if it was was.

 I’m going to go by section of race instead of area. Massive word barf under cut. I’m not going to spell check or grammer check this :I.

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I’m sitting in the middle of a half packed room & evaluating every aspect of my life that’s going to change in a weeks time when I move out of home.

I’m only taking what I need & all I need is a laptop & some instruments.
I’m gonna have a proper studio space in my room & I’m gonna play every day.
I’m gonna start exercising regularly instead of sporadically & I’m gonna start eating proper food at work instead of just buying junk from the supermarket every shift.
I’m not gonna take my posters with me except for this one poster I have that says ‘start where you are, use what you have, do what you can’ because that’s kind of what this year is about for me.

Right now I gotta pack though.

anonymous asked:

the clothes that eleanor and harry "share" aren't even the same? eleanor's striped pants have consistent thin black stripes with thick white space in between. harry's stripes are more sporadic in width. ie; there's thin black lines, slightly thicker ones, etc. as for the leather jacket, that's obviously not even the same either. the horizontal padding on harry's jacket is only on the shoulder and upper arm whereas with eleanor's, it runs the entire length of her arm. so.

sogekingofficial asked:

there's "cisphobia does not exist" and then there's "cisphobia is not a problem on the same level as transphobia" (which is to say that cis people are never oppressed on the basis of their cis-ness). i think when people say the former, what they typically mean is the latter, and the latter is undoubtedly true.

Oh, nah, I know what you’re saying - most actual rational people mean the latter, and they’re cool. But this is a response to a continuing argument that keeps sporadically popping up in which people are spouting the former. It all started with a bunch of asks from one very angry trans person, in which I said exactly that, and I still get the occasional anon bringing it back up (usually without any argument, just a “no, it doesn’t exist” out of the blue). But this is the sect of the social justice community that believes that by definition, the term cannot exist. It’s part of the incredibly ridiculous and harmful “discrimination = prejudice + power” mantra that gets thrown around to claim that minorities are literally incapable of discrimination.

I don’t even care about actual cisphobia much (if at all) since it’s incredibly easy to avoid, but when people keep popping back up spouting that silly “it literally does not exist by definition” argument at me without even refuting what I’ve already said, it’s pretty grating. I’m entirely wasting my time in responding, but I’m still really interested in seeing if anyone ever actually gives back an actual argument instead of spouting the same mantra back in response.

Me and my friend just negotiated our way into getting our RA to invite one of the boy halls to our Hall Event next week.

The hall with the guy I like on it.

He had better freaking show up. How else am I supposed to sporadically glance at him from a distance and make no effort to create a relationship?! :P

anonymous asked:

How come all the dude you tag as Dudes I'd Do are white? White. Mans. Whore.

I get this shit all the time and I really don’t have time for it.

First off, find me a blog that posts (consistently) men of color that isn’t mired in gross fetishism and exoticism, that isn’t a conduit for fuckboys off Instagram and their thirsty ass fans, that isn’t sporadic and basic… You don’t know who the fuck I’m following. And I don’t fucking know you.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m fully aware of the proclivities of my attractions and the fact that many of them were forged in the dark crucible of white supremacist beauty standards, the prioritizing of hyper masculinity over femininity which is derided and damned, and a culture that idealizes certain body types… Even among niche groups.

Don’t tell me SHIT about me, fuckface. Especially when your weak ass don’t fucking know me. I’m not gonna hunt down pics like fucking scavenger hunt just to ~prove~ to you that I’m attracted to men of color. And if your lazy, sorry ass had bother to check that tag, you’d find men of color all up and throughout it.

MISS ME WITH THIS SHIT and kindly unfollow me if you have a fucking problem with it. Good day.


i’ve been a fan of the yogscast for years and yet the first fanart i’ve ever drawn is this…this…whatever this is. this exercise in ridiculous faces. i’m so sorry. (original here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1-LbTJoCuM)