How to Know When a Zodiac Sign is Attracted to you

Aries: They smile and laugh more around you. When Aries feel attraction, they feel better about life and that you’re the reason for it. 9 out of 10 times, they will laugh at everything you say.

Taurus: They become a different person in front you. When around you, they behave and their personality changes.

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I loved the recent dan liveshow omfg 

Its now like cue if he says “dont pay attention to anything I say” that’s when his discussions are much more noteworthy. I loved his opinions on songs as I frankly feel the same way about lyrical music, also his views on youtube and how its becoming a platform that pushes people to conform to their standards and how he, and I assume phil is breaking out of that mold and playing by their own rules, its amazing, its the most that we’ve really heard from him as Dan Howell ever. 

Canons are further confirmed that dinof is basically an filtered cleaned out version of his persona, younows are sporadic and instantaneous so he couldn’t filter out most of what he says, and how he is afraid of opinions and being analyzed, it’s really quite a great liveshow and it gave me so much insight like wow thank you so much dan

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I don't mean to be rude but don't you think instead of buying anime figurines & constantly waiting for anime shows so you can be the first to gif it that you should focus on getting a real job ("acting" doesn't count since employment is sporadic & your pay probably is very minimum) & move out of your parent's house? Are you okay with being dependent for someone at your age? FYI, I am an early 20s person who is already independent & making above average salary. I don't expect an answer from you.

Lol okay. Let me quickly apologize for having parents who are supportive enough to let me do what I love.

Safe at home (DeanxReader)

A/N: Hey guys! This is the product of yet another request- keep them coming! As usual, requests are OPEN. Enjoy!
Description: You’re dating Dean, despite not being a hunter. When the Winchesters are on a hunt and you find demons breaking into your home, you know you’re in deep trouble. (I’m sorry this one isn’t gender neutral. If you guys would like, I can post a version with he/him pronouns. Let me know).

The TV droned on about the world’s latest disaster. Or maybe another celebrity pregnancy. You weren’t paying any particular attention. You were mostly glaring at your cellphone, waiting for Dean to call you. When he was on a hunt, your contact with him was sporadic at best. But he had said a couple days ago that things were starting to wrap up, and he’d call tonight when he and Sam checked out of the motel.
You hated what Dean did for a ‘job’. He’d told you a couple of weeks into your relationship, to explain his constant 'business trips’. But you knew hunting was a part of Dean. 'Love’ wasn’t the right word. He needed hunting. But he needed you too, as he had said when he first explained hunting to you. 'I’m telling you because I want this to last’, he’d said.
There was a clicking sound by your front door, like a key was going into the lock. Except the only person who had a spare key was your landlord. And he would never drop by unannounced.
Your heart automatically dropped, and paranoia pulsed through your veins. Do you call Dean first, or arm yourself? You went for the latter, and snatched the gun from where it had been resting on your coffee table.
You heard the door swing open, and you held up the gun with shaking hands.
There were only two of them, all black eyes and sinister smiles.
“I’d turn back around if I were you.”
But your voice was soft and scared and the demons were only amused.
“We were told that the Winchester’s new plaything would be far better equipped.”
“I’m new,” you muttered.
Your phone rang suddenly, and you jumped. The demons cocked their heads, daring you to answer it. You reached for it, and they pounced.
You were on the floor in a second, the phone still in your grip.
“Dean, help! Two demons, gun won’t work!” You cried into the phone.
One demon pressed his knee into your chest, and you let out a shout of protest.
You thrashed, trying desperately to hear Dean yelling for you on the other line.
You were overpowered almost pathetically easily. Your hands were bound in seconds, but you continued to scream for Dean, for Sam, for your weird neighbor next door, anyone.
But no one came
~~~~~~Dean’s POV~~~~~~
“Y/N? Y/N, can you hear me?” Dean was shouting into the phone, and Sam was frowning deeply, trying to piece together what was happening.
Dean heard your screams pierce through the phone, and he closed his eyes, trying not to think. Trying to disconnect himself. Remain professional. Calm.
It didn’t work. His stomach was still churning, his nightmare unfolding on the other line. He heard you call his name a couple more times, screaming for dear life.
All Dean could do was say your name back, making empty promises. “I’m coming,” he assured you, even if it wouldn’t reach your ears. “I’ll be there.”
Lies lies lies. He wasn’t there. He was in the Impala, an hour from you, and countless miles. He wasn’t there, and you were in danger. The inevitable was coming, and Dean was cursing himself for thinking this time would be different.
Your screams were cut off suddenly, and there was a small rustling sound.
“The girl will remain unharmed,” a deep voice said, “but we can’t promise she’ll stay that way. Crowley is seeking an audience.”
“Well you can tell Crowley-” Dean snarled.
“One hour, Winchester. That charming little warehouse behind your girl’s house.” The son of a bitch paused. “Better make it under an hour. Patience is running thin.”
The line went dead, and Dean was tempted to throw his phone out the window. Instead, he slammed on the gas, letting the Impala accelerate to an unprecedented speed.
“They get her, Sammy. We need to work quick.”

JYP Greets Lee Min Ho during Baeksang Arts Awards after Relationship with Suzy

JYP Greets Lee Min Ho during Baeksang Arts Awards after Relationship with Suzy

JYP is known for unconventional and sporadic ways, which once again was highlighted in his performance during the Baeksang Arts Awards.

JYP held the opening stage for the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards on May 26.

During his dynamic stage for “Who’s Your Mama,” he makes sure the crowd joins in on the fun by shouting out, “Are you guys ready? You have to sing the song with me. There’s no exception for…

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sorry to everyone sending my asks lately. I have over 1,000 and things are pretty bad right now so my ask answering is even more sporadic than usual


Okay Because I’m getting to go to Phoenix Comic Con last minute. I’m going to be on sporadically the next couple of days. And gone pretty much all day Thursday-Saturday. 

As I am doing last minute plans getting everything ready to go.

Tomorrow I will probably be putting things in the queue so that they post while I’m gone throughout the day. 

I’m going at Captain Jack(ie) Harkness from Doctor Who. and I have a sonic blaster to make, and maybe MAYBE a Time Vortex manipulator. Or I’ll just say that the doctor stole if it it doesn’t work out and I don’t have enough time to make it. 

Wish me luck

Hey guys just wanted to let you kno that I’m ok even tho I haven’t been on in a while

I’m spending time with my mom in the mountains so I’ve been taking a bit of a break from social media for a little while

I’ll probably be online pretty sporadically until July

Fun stuff, huh?! I haven’t had one get quite this bad in awhile, but it does happen. Usually they’re just a couple inches in diameter and go away in a few hours. Sadly Benadryl does nothing for me!

I’ve actually been to an allergy specialist before (last year I was getting very sporadic, huge welts on my arms that I couldn’t attribute to anything - it was something I cannot spell that had to “work itself out” and did later go away). The nurse who did the pricking was clearly worried my arm might fall off. The doctor even resorted to googling stuff in front of me looking for answers. It all boiled down to I am severely allergic to all of the common stuff (cats, grass, dust, etc) but for some reason I don’t react often, if at all. She warned me it would probably get worse with age and I’d end up wanting allergy shots and such.