No doubt you’ll have heard of the term Cinemagraph since it exploded onto the Internets. Originally coined by Photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, a cinemagraph is a clever revival of the classic animated GIF. It combines features of video and photography to create a the illusion of a still image but with cool motion …

Just in case…Another how to for cinemagraphs

SkinnyD Challenge 7

Happy Friday, everyone! Sorry about missing Wednesday, I got a couple of projects that couldn’t be turned away. It’s weird, I went this long without really being able to find much freelance work and now I’ve got so many options I don’t know what to do! It’s awesome!

But anyway, on to today’s project: A NEW LOGO!

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anonymous asked:

Your edit is so awesome! I was wondering if you dont mind teaching me some techniques like blur or fade(?) effect! Or do u know any sites that gives a good screenshot edit or photoshop tutorials?

Aww, thank you!! A lot of the techniques I use are less about skill / savvy and more about the time you spend on it. If I had some links to give for tutorials I’d gladly share, but I mostly do things I’ve picked up over years and years of using Photoshop. I do like browsing http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/ from time to time for their tutorials, however!

Without going into a huge step by step here, I’ll just say that I usually always lasso out my subject onto a new layer, and then Gaussian Blur the background. From there I could draw on more hair or whatever else it needs to seem less pixelated, play with the Curves and contrast sliders until I find something I like. I often google for textures and overlays that I can put over it, set on Screen. If there’s anything in particular you want to learn how to do, I can do my best to explain it at length!

8 Free Glitter Effect Patterns & Styles for Photoshop

My home office is a complete mess with fairy sprinkles everywhere after creating my latest free design resource. This pack of 8 glitter patterns will help you glam up your designs and achieve realistic glittery effects in your artwork. They’re available in various colours as repeating JPEG images, a set of Photoshop Patterns and Photoshop Styles, which can be applied directly to your design elements to create a fabulous glitzy appearance!

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How To Prepare Your Artwork for Special Print Effects

It’s every print designer’s dream to work on a project that involves special print effects. Varnishes, fluorescents, foils and embossing are just some examples of cool finishes that can be applied by industrial printing companies, but the added cost makes these projects quite a rarity. If you’re lucky enough to have an adventurous client, or you’re feeling flush and want to splash out on some top quality personal prints, follow along with this guide to learn about the different special print finishes available and how to prepare your print artwork to accommodate them.

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