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1.Who is your starcrush?

I..don’t have any..? I’m sorry I rarely have starcrushes

2.What is your eye color?

Brown, light brown, dark brown, any brownie :D

3.What is your favourite food?

Now I’m hungry someone get me a cookie

4.How long have you been watching anime/reading manga?

Over an year now..

A lot of experience you’ve got there mate

5.Who is your favorite anime character?

This guy well yes.

6.In what anime would you wish to be in?


7.Ever thought of committing suicide?

Yes, I thought about it. I got immediately scared of the idea. I wouldn’t want to see anyone mourn me or suffer because of me doing rash things.

8.Favourite Song?

oh please don’t ask me this I tend to listen to soundtracks often because it helps creating a script in my imagination - maybe write a story later. It also changes my moods rather quick

9.If you could buy a airplane ticket to fly anywhere now where would you like to go?

Japan ofc or Great Britain yess the accents

10.What kind of movies do you like?

Comedy (I dont care if it’s comedy/romance or comedy/action - it needs to make me laugh)

11.Do your friends watch anime/read manga?

Ohh no I don’t have many otaku friends but the few I have are best

Questions : 

1.Do you often have crushes on people?

2.What’s your favourite animal?

3.Ever wanted to play an instrument?

4.Favourite anime and/or manga?

5.If you would see a falling star right now, what would you wish?

6.Do you like playing video games? If so, which one is your favorite?

7.What kind of super-power do you want to have?

8.Ever self-harmed?

9.Do you like waffles? :D

10.What’s your favorite drink?

11.What’s your favorite TV show/soap opera/etc.?