I realized after I made this that I spent the entire time I was drawing it listening to this playlist of every remix of spooky scary skeletons on repeat and drinking a pumpkin spice coffee because apparently I’m actually just a caricature of a real person. It’s not even October yet, I don’t even like pumpkin spice, I don’t know how this happened to me.

Anyway, the time has come to R͍͈̹ ̨̥͇͍̼͕É̬ ̬̭̗̱̞̩͚L͇͔͚̮ ̩̱̙͢E ̜͔̦͠A͡ S̢̳̫̪̣͕̣̞ ̗̮̣̤̦̜́E̡̩̰ ̞̼͕͢ ̠̺̠̲͉̱T̶̟͓̝̤͈̲ ̧̞͈̤̰̯H͍͇̯̠͟ ̶̹̝͔̭ͅE̱̫ ̡̼̱̮S̭͇͖̤̤͇̥ ̝͞K̗̰̲͕͈̰̼̕ ̕E̠̹͔ ̵̗͇̺̞ͅL̜͎͎̪̗̠ ̺̤͕͖̣͎E̖̜̝̥̙̟̩͞ ̳̤̲͜T̕ ̶̩̘O̱̮̼̻ ̣̬N̟̜̻ ̗S̳͚͙͙̝̯

orange on black pillow | tote | phone case

white on black pillow | tote | phone case


Ok let me tell you the story of the only time I allowed my friend to bring an ouija board near me.

We were in her room, I was staying over, and her boyfriend was there, and she decides hey let’s fuckin talk to some ghosts and i’m like naaah but she’s like yaaah and i’m like fine just this fuckin oyou know i hate this shit

So she takes the board down and starts doing her thang, but I’m not touching it, I refuse to, it just reeks of bad energy. And anyhow, her boyfriend gets this spirit who came from the moon, meaning it’s not exactly a nice one, and he tries to say goodbye and drag the planchette down to goodbye, but the thing is fucking STUCK to the board and she goes and has to shove it down with a coin because he can’t do it alone

So we decide that’s enough and put it away, and suddenly he’s all fatigued, pale and ill looking and she of course is not exactly calm. she tells me to take off my necklace and give it to him, as i was wearing my pentacle as I have done for about 4 or 5 years now and rarely remove it, it’s like a protective charm, and because he’s looking so shitty i take it off against my will, and go hand it to him, then go to sit down on the bed. 

Seconds after sitting I feel a push on my chest and I’m knocked to the floor, which of course scares the shit out of those two ouija messing about with fucktards 

So we peg it downstairs, I get my necklace back and we chainsmoke for about 2 hours to calm down. 

Turns out, a few months later, it was the mirror in her bedroom. It was taken from an old hotel, and it was where all the badness was coming from. Trust me, that night with the board wasn’t the only time spooky shit went down in that house. 

Moral is: do not fuck around with ouija boards they are not cute they are not fake and you shouldn’t be fucking wearing them