- Ghosts, Ghouls and Demons

- Origin: Japanese folklore

Description: She wears a white burial kimono, with her face covered in white and indigo make-up and has wild, unkempt long black hair.

Traditional Japanese belief states that every human being has a soul called a reikon. Normal progression for the reikon is to become a protector over remaining family members. However, if a person dies an unnatural, traumatic death, or if their final rites aren’t properly performed, the reikon becomes a yūrei and starts wreaking havoc on everyone’s sanity. One such yūrei is Onryō.

The Onryō are female ghosts who suffered at the hands of their lover. These ghosts dwell in the physical world seeking vengeance on those who wronged them. These ghosts are in their element when torturing their hurtful lover to the point of insanity or death. They spread their web of anger to close family to ensure immense pain and suffering.

The Onryō does not directly inflict harm on their lover; instead, she aims to cause them extreme heartache by harming those they love. Her ultimate revenge is seeing the world around the one who hurt her crumble. She takes great pleasure in destroying what’s important to them…piece by painful piece.

It is said the Onryō will sit back and watch the results of their death on the living. She seriously loathes and will do harm those that do not truly morn her passing. In death her strength is second to none and she is able to see the full extent of the lies and pain that her living lover caused her.

These ghosts are not ever easily sent back to the grave they often resurface soon after being exorcised from any location or person’s life.

Written by Nic Hume of APPI - Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators
Put together by Ashley Hall - The Paranormal Guide
Photo: Illustration of Onryō

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Akershus Fortress (Akershus Festning)

- Oslo, Norway

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It’s scary because it’s true

well, maybe they aren’t all true, but plausible. The creepypastas that scare me the most are the ones that could actually happen.

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