‘The Rebirth’

Photographer/Set/Jewelry: Amanda Bullick of Brutally Beautiful

Styling/Dress/Make-up: Myself (Kerosene Deluxe)

This was a very special collaborative project in 2014 between Amanda Bullick of Brutally Beautiful and myself.

It was inspired by old European silent horror films (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari being a prime example), our connection to the earth, magic and honoring those you have loved and lost.

It is a story about crawling yourself out of the dirt (aka hardships) and finding the magic within you to be reborn and to regain control and power over yourself.

Very minimal photoshop was used to create this series. The set was completely handcrafted (indoors) by Amanda (the photographer)

The jewelry and bone collar were also made by her.All the skulls and bones used were ethically sourced. Why bones? There seems to be a deeper calling to not only collect bones but to honor these dearly departed creatures that left their bodies behind. Amanda has found ways to honor them by lovingly collecting each creature, having a smudging ceremony for it and then helping it rebirth into art that may be loved once again.

Hope you enjoy this set!


This is my nightmare.

Lalbagh Fort

- Dhaka, Bangladesh

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