is a once cooked noodle that has hardened over the years into something not as tasty. What I’m trying to say is that they didn’t age well once the social networks paved the internet superhighway right through the ominous dark web forest that they were born into and raised, effectively ruining their unquantified and mysterious environment. Now they are forced to live on the road or find their way into tiny crevices and unexpected places on the web, more or less mysterious depending on where and what they are.


I posted these on my main blog as part of a neighborhood exploration piece, but I thought these photos fit here too. I have a really big thing for dilapidated houses. Not necessarily because I think they’re spooky. I personally like to think about what kinds of stories the neighborhood kids have made up about these places. 

I’d love to see inside. I’ll probably go back next walk and see what the other side of the house looks like.