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I managed to reach my Race for Life target last night! :D I now have £107.50 in sponsors, hopefully I will be able to get a little bit more with the help of a few family members and whatnot :) I’m so happy! Setting a target of £100 was me being optimistic and hopeful, it was a struggle to get to the amount that I have and the thought of having to sponsor myself genuinely crossed my mind haha! I can see why people do these events though, although walking 5k will be hard I know it will be worth it.. it’s such a great feeling knowing you’re doing something for an amazing cause :) I’m so so so thankful to the people who have sponsored me, it means a lot!

WS Lectures: Grand Jury Resistance

This week we bring you the first instalment of our new series called Which Side Lectures (soon to be its own podcast). This presentation was given by Jordan Halliday at the boing anarchist collective on grand jury resistance. 

This episode is sponored by Richard McMahon. Richard wanted to give a shout out to the Northwest Aniaml Rights Network founders Darcelle Deveraux, Jerry Esteryly and Wayne Johnson. You can check them out at and make sure to follow them on twitter @narntweet

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Hey everyone,
Made Up Gaming Is brought to you now by a new sponsor so feel free to check them out & make sure you click that link & start gaming in a whole new way

Morning darlings,
These are our amazing, beautiful and oh so generous sponsors for the #chakratalk challenge.
I see some of you have already reposted our #chakratalk pic. Amazing! And thank you for joining.

We have such inspiring hosts and just beautiful gifts being offered. I want to give this challenge the attention and the promotion it deserves to reach as many people as possible. Because… its going to be AMAZING!!!

Because of this we’re going to push the start day back by one week. The challenge will now be starting MONDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH. With me posting the first pose the night before.

Stay tuned this week as I’ll be doing daily posts featuring our teachers and our sponors so that you all get to know our community.

Cant wait to to take this journey with all of you!!! Keep spreading the word and sharing the love!!

@yogashalawaterdown @getfityogagirl @yogitina @mulayogato and me!

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Biggest Party

If you are not at KICC right now, you are definitely missing out on the best party all week. Sponored by Coca Cola, its the Coke Studio Concert!!!

Some of the winners from the Insyder Selfie Satos are also here to join the party.

There is photo taking, catching up with buddies and a lot of fun on the grounds

The ladies have come in their best outfits. Its not just fun, the fashion here is also…

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