Spongia officinalis

Sometimes known as the “Bath Sponge”, Spongia officinalis is a species of Spongiid sponge that is distributed throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Like most sponges S. officinalis inhabits the sea floor and is a filter feeder, picking out organic particles out of the water around it. True to its common name S. officinalis is harvested and used commercially, which in turn has caused a decrease in its population.


Animalia-Porifera-Demospongiae-Dictyoceratida-Spongiidae-Spongia-S. officinalis

Image: H. Zell

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(#303) But Did They Know How To Use the Three Seashells?

In what is becoming a series of posts on “how folks did things in the olden days” I learned today how ancient Romans wiped themselves after using the toilet(!).

The protocol was to use a sponge on the end of a stick, which was used communally. To do your business, a person would sit on a long marble bench with a whole punched through, often times right next to your neighbor, friend or family. When you finished, you grabbed the sponge stick (called a spongia) and positioned it through a whole in the front of the bench to wipe (see image above) and then rinsed it off and left it in a bucket of heavily salted water for the next person to use.

As we know it wasn’t until Jon Snow’s ancestor invented the flush toilet that we really advanced in the toilet tech. I think it is interesting to note also that the linked article from Mental Floss states that in revolutionary America, people were using corn cobs to clean themselves afterwards, until learning that they could use old newspaper instead. This to me says quite a bit about America.



Well, she’s still here… in our hearts… and this sponge…

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"Let’s do it!" [Fr translation]

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