Artists in Action!

We hung out with one of our artists, Ginny Hawes, and quietly watched her work while asking some questions.  She’s been working at the Nick Animation Studio for “a really long time” and has been on several productions, including Spongebob Squarepants & Sanjay and Craig!

How’d you get your start?

That’s a loaded question but PJ Funnybunny was the first paid gig I ever had. I started at Hanna-Barbera working on Don Coyote in 1989. Good times :)

Favorite part(s) of the job?

The people I get to work with and their amazing selves.

Advice you’d give to aspiring artists in this industry?

Draw, draw, draw and stay current with the tools and techniques. Most of all, find the joy in your craft and it will carry you through many obstacles.

Sanjay & Craig love chicken wings. What are YOUR fave foods?

Chocolate, Mangos, Soba, Crisp Fresh Vegetables, Red Wine and Coffee.

Choice of superpower/ability?

Listening. ;)