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Expectant father Michael couldn't keep his hands off u since you told him 2 months ago. He was messing around and tickling u to get you to pay attention to him. You'd squirm trying to get away from his hands and end up falling off your side of the bed. You looked up from the ground to see him looking down at you panicked. Before you knew what was happening he was off the bed and had you cradled in his arms on the floor. Tears in his eyes he'd rock u back and forth praying he didn't do any harm.

omg no, he’d feel so so bad and everything would end up being okay but he’d be so insanely gentle with you, to the point of frustration where you’re like treat me like a normal person! but you and the baby were so important to him that he just couldn’t help but be protective.

pregnancy!5sos night with lashtonpetal, send in/tag us your blurbs!

Dan and Phil are NOT aesthetic

We’ve been calling phan aesthetic, when really, they aren’t.

Aesthetic is just about beauty. And only beauty. It serves no other purpose than to decorate/look good.

Phan are not just beauty. They are much more than that. They have served a much better purpose than beauty.

They have helped countless fans get over depression, given motivation and they have had a huge impact on many people’s lives (including mine).

So please, the next time you call phan aesthetic, use another word.

Thank you. <3

guys im just hear me out

i just started episode 3 and anakin doesnt have a hand or something? that black glove anways HIS LAST NAME IS SKYWALKER and darth vader’s famous diaouge “luke i am your father”

is… is anakin darth vader?

please someone tell me im wrong pls

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They said that the E3 presentation was going to be all about 2015 releases.. I'm sorry in advance for the lack of Zelda U details there.. But hey.. Twilight Princess 3D.. Maybe?

….If Twilight Princess gets a remake, IT BETTER NOT BE FOR THE 3DS!!! It needs to be on the Wii U in HD. It’s the most logical thing to do.