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PLLayed Out

I’m sorry but I feel like I NEED to rant because I’m done being patient.

I used to read everything PLL and was just such a passionate fan, following up during hiatus, refreshing multiple outlets for the latest news and updates, counting down to every single episode and being crazy excited when Tuesdays came. I’ll probably never forget and be ever grateful for the joy it has brought me through my teenage years. But what the actual fuck?

What the hell are the writers doing?? As a huge Pretty Little Liars fan, I am so sad to say that the show is getting really shitty and just plain lame and it is just so sad to see that especially knowing that it can obviously be so much better.

First of all, why are they WASTING episodes? This pisses me off so much and after every disappointing episode, it’s like a huge “Fuck you, try again next week” from the writers. The fandom insanely huge and supportive and I feel like this is not at all what we deserve. I felt like in Season 1 and 2 (which were the best seasons tbh) every episode consisted of a major event and was so drama-filled and exciting to watch – Homecoming, Country Club, The Perfect Storm, Dance-A-Thon, the FASHION SHOW (does anyone else remember all these amazing episodes?!) and every episode is so precious especially since we only get it once a week but they just keep WASTING our time, their resources and the show’s quality with filler episodes.

“OH, episode 5x05 will be our 100th episode, let us all countdown 5 weeks in advance and give the audience 4 shitty episodes that leads up to that one episode. Start a hashtag!” No doubt, episode 5x05 was one of the better episodes but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect consistently good episodes from a top drama series.

Then, more shitty episodes leading up to a supposedly amazing #FataleFinale or #BigAReveal (which was only ok in my opinion) and on to the next Season. I was particularly annoyed with #FataleFinale or the other Finales where even after we went through the shitty filler episodes of miscommunication and running around (don’t get me started on the show’s use of miscommunication/lack of communication as a plot device) they only reveal what we really want to know in the last few minutes of the episode or REALLY, not reveal anything at all.

I feel like we are always promised “BEST SEASON YET” or “ENJOY THE RIDE” and we expect a Maserati ride but we end up in economy coach. Maybe instead of wasting their resources they could have just made 4/5 amazing seasons and wrap it up because honestly, I’m so done with how the show has become. Why did they have to get greedy, drag it on and even add supernatural Ravenswood to the equation which honestly, cheapened the PLL brand.

Season 5 was horrid. I thought having Alison revealed to be alive was such an amazing thing to have ever happened and it had SO much potential but they bombed it so bad. Not only was Alison’s wardrobe HORRIBLE but the allure of the dark, mysterious and gorgeous Alison DiLaurentis that drew us into the show in the first place is gone. They ruined the opportunity and her character.

AND why do they feel the need to add new romantic interests which only purpose is to ruin the girls by making them look like they will fall into the lips of anyone at any “momentary indiscretion” and then we never see them again.

Honestly, even after “A” is revealed and no matter how mind-numbing or jaw-dropping it is, it will never be able to overwrite how bad the show has become. I feel like they’re leading us towards this highly promised destination but they compromised the journey.

Well, that’s just my opinion, there are obviously a lot more things to say (I can write a whole sad Emison post about another wasted opportunity but I’ll probably save that for another day). This fandom is great and I just hope that they make it at least worth it in the end.

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