Shady Toby, Melissa in the barrel?

The last non-A scene in 5x17 - Spoby phone call - left us all with many questions - mainly about Toby. Why is Toby acting so suspicious? Is he hiding something? What did he tell Tanner? OMG, is he A? Is Melissa in the barrel? So I wanted to analyze this scene a little bit…

The phone call starts with Spencer saying that she has been calling Toby for hours. It seems that the first time she called him was right after Hanna left her house. And right before Tanner came to Toby and said that she didn`t know what was in the barrel. But as Spencer told us, it has been hours since then so the police definitely had time to run some tests/find something in the barrel.

Now, back to the conversation. Toby answered all of Spencer`s questions. All except one. What`s in the barrel? He seemed a bit cold, lied to her about being busy, but still, he answered her questions. 

His behavior changes after Spencer asks: “What was in the barrel?”. Just look at his face right after that question:

Toby clearly doesn`t know how to answer. If it was Mona`s body, he would not look like this — they were all expecting that. Yeah, maybe he wouldn`t want to tell Spencer because he`s a cop now and blah blah, but he definitely would not look like “Oh, shit, what now?”. 

Do you think that A or BigA would have problem to come up with an answer? Like “We don`t know yet, still running tests.”?? Even if Toby was just trying to be a good cop, he could have lied to Spencer like he did about being busy. But no, he is avoiding this particular question and hungs up the phone after some excuses.

So why is he doing that? Melissa`s body in the barrel would definitely explain his behavior. It may not be very nice of Toby to be avoiding and lying to his girlfriend, but we need some DRAMA and crying Spencer, right?

Why it may not be Melissa?

  • We had a funeral couple episodes ago, I know PLL loves its funeral episodes but I think it would be too soon for another one and a member of the Hastings family certainly deserves one
  • I would expect of Toby to tell Spencer, it is better to hear it from him then from the police
  • If it is true that A wants to frame Hanna for a murder(which probably is not), why would A frame her for murdering Melissa? There is no motive, Spencer would be a better one to frame - jealousy, frequent arguments…
  • How would the police know it was Melissa`s body? Do they have her DNA in their database or did they find something belonging to her in the barrel?  

One last thing I noticed. The Spoby call scene begins with Spencer on a couch. Lying on her back like a dead body in a coffin. Probably means nothing, but who knows?

PLL SPOILERS!!!....(claps)

1.Ali keep a lot of secrets and she still play a lot of backroom games  we shouldn’t belive that she is changed .

2.Ali will leave Rosewood very soon.

3.Hanna will be in the jail just for 2 episodes .

4.Mona’s body is not in the barre. 

5. In season 7 Emily will fake her death because she will try to trap A.

6.Aria will trq to find out why Mike  has  been suspicious and the truth will chilled her blood also Mike will again create problems at school.

7.Hanna will have monetary difficulties for college and she will call her dad for help.

8.Aria know a lot more then another girls from the night that Ali dissapered.

9.Holbrook is missing cuse he search for Cece.

10.It’s rumored that Jason will move in Marin’s familly .

11.Aria was “the unstable patient”  who was with Marion on the roof when he committed suicide.

12. We should not believe any of the mothers of the liars than Pam.

13.Hannah will be a stumbling block to Jason because the affair with her mother.

14.Ali will kill Jenna as cast her in sewage pit cuse she will find out one HUGE secret that she was keeping from the begining. 

15.Emily will discuss the situation and confusion with Talia with Caleb.

16.The finale of season 5 will be similar to 2X25, but far worse.

17.In 5X19 Hannah and Ezra will have a scene together.

18.Caleb will die before the finals Cece as well and Aria will die at the end of the show.

Soo guys that was all for this week dont forget to follow me and remember that i will post new spoilers every Sunday love ya :3 ♥ :*

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