Why does Supernatural make you so crazy?
  • My friend:Hey, I thought that episode was good.
  • Me:Silence
  • My friend:That Mrs. Tran is pretty cool, huh?
  • Me:Silence
  • Friend:What are you doing?
  • Me:I frigign' knew it... that WAS the kid from Bugs.
  • My Friend:Quizzical look and head cocked to the side.
  • Me:First Ty Olsson as Benny who also played Eli now this. Who does the casting over there? I don't care I'm just going to blame Jeremy Carver.
  • My Friend:To be such a fan, you sure do complain about.
  • Me (after making Dean's Bitch face and face palm):I wouldn't critique if I didn't care. When the fandom stops complaining that means we have stopped watching.
My New Ringtone

I need to change my ringtone because right now it’s that SPN ringtone with Jared and Jensen talking and I do as they tell me and let it go to voicemail every time. Any little dose of Jared and Jensen is always welcomed. My boyfriend is getting totally annoyed with my SPN obsession. He tries to understand. Heck he even watches with me. But I’m pretty sure it’s because I let him get to second base and linger there because I’m so engrossed.  

#did she really just put that out there?


Heard at my season 8 SPN premiere party
  • My Boyfriend:Hey sweetie, why does face look like you've been watching that 'Jump The Shark' episode?
  • Me:Silence (but steam is practically coming out of my ears)
  • My Boyfriend:Baby. you don't look so good. You haven't even touched your burger or beer.
  • Me:Silence
  • Dean (on TV):You did look for me?
  • Sam (on TV):Silence
  • Me:Jeremy Carver you, f---ing bastard. I want my Sera back. It's not fair.
  • My Boyfriend:What just happened?
  • Me:This is not my Sammy. This is not happening again. (Curls into a tangled ball of major feels in the fetal position).
  • My Boyfriend:Carry on people nothing to see just Lil's massive meltdown.
  • Me (eyes watering):Why would he do this to me? I've done nothing but said good things about him.
  • My Boyfriend:Who are we talking about?
  • Me:Jeremy Carver.
  • My Boyfriend (in his best Fiona from Burn Notice voice):Should we shoot him?
  • Me (smiling):Don't be absurd, it's just a TV show (and those were the last words I muttered for the next 45 minutes in addition to getting to sleep that night).
BFF Long Running Debate #5

OK, so my BFF Tiffy and I have been watching Supernatural together live since season 4 and we have debated, argued, wrestled, boxed and hugged it out about who was who in our relationship. We have finally reached a conclusion after four years. I am Dean and she is Sam. What put the final nail in the coffin was her remembering that I like Asian guys and watch a ton of Anime porn and that I too have a food curse (though it’s not pie, in my case it’s slushies). Which means now she shuts her cake hole because driver picks the music. Also, she’s the bitch and I’m just a jerk. Wait a tick, I finally got the better end of a deal. Break out the confetti, it’s a parade. 

That is not an emergency!
  • Assistant:I have Shawn Dale on the line
  • Me at work:Sure put it through.
  • Friend:Sorry to call you at work but this is an emergency
  • Me at work:Oh, fuck what's wrong?
  • Friend:My cable got cut off and there's a Supernatural marathon on.
  • Me at work:That is not an emergency!
  • Friend:No, I know, that's not my emergency.
  • Me at work:Oh. OK.
  • Friend:I can't find your spare key. Did you move it?
  • Me at work:Dial tone
I love you but I don't like you right now
  • Me:Hello?
  • My Boyfriend:Hello, sweetheart, did you miss me?
  • Me:Really? You're quoting Dean lines at me at 7:20 am. What'd you do?
  • My Boyfriend:Nothing.
  • Me:Nope. What did you do?
  • My Boyfriend:You know that huge picture of Sam's face behind your bed?
  • Me:Yes, I'm familiar.
  • My Boyfriend:I think one of the dogs knocked it off the wall and chewed it to pieces.
  • Me:You're a terrible house sitter. Are you sure it was the dogs.
  • My Boyfriend:Silence...
  • Me:Well?
  • My Boyfriend:Okay, I took it off the wall because it was creeping me out and I couldn't get to sleep. The dogs wouldn't stop whining until I let them in the bedroom and sleep in the bed and when I woke up the painting was in pieces.
  • Me:Well, I guess you're going to have to make a crossroads deal because that's the only way I'm forgiving you.
  • My Boyfriend:But baby... hello? (dial tone)
My Animals

Okay, so I’m totally obsessed with Supernatural and my home life shows.


Dean (short and bossy) 


Sammy (sweet, lovable and well puppy eyes) 


Bobby (the brains of the operation) 


Ellen (keeps everyone in line) 


Turtle: Ash (because he’s too smart for his own good) 


Bird: Castiel (well, because he has wings, duh!)


Rabbit: Jessica (because she’s a rabbit and the love of Sam’s life)