something that requires my full adult responsibility popped up so I’m selling all of my chicon tickets. you don’t have to buy them all, you can buy just one. whoever can pay first, gets the ticket. i’ll bump down the prices slightly but not significantly on items that aren’t  sold out. items that ARE sold out, will stay their face value.

j2 photo op - $200.00
jensen photo op - $115.00
jared photo op - $115.00
misha photo op - $60.00
silver preferred ticket [seat P6]- $419.00

i will not sell the preferred ticket until the photo ops are sold, as i don’t want to be stuck with 4 photo ops that won’t / can’t be used.

thursdaysfallenangel said:

So if someone wants to ask a question but doesn't have one they could ask Jensen if he ever plays Dean like he's worried Cas might turn out to be 2014!Cas or if Dean is worried about it I dunno just an idea (I REALLY WANT TO KNOW). Sorry I don't think I'll be able to get in line in time to ask but I thought I'd put it out there.

Anyone wanna help out with this?

matspinosa said:

I'm preferred seating. And, do you know when the schedule will be posted on creation's website? Or do you have it? I just checked and it's not there. :/

I don’t know….it should be up by now. If i had it, I’d share it. Usually creation is good about posting the schedule on time. I’m sorry I can’t help more!

buckyromanoffs-archive-deactiva said:

My apologies if this has already been answered but I haven't seen anything on it so I figured I'd ask since Chicon is only a few days away. Anyway, I was curious if we'd be allowed to carry a bag around the convention grounds to hold things we purchase/would like to be signed at autograph ops?

Bags are totally fine! I carry around a messenger bag with all my essentials (cameras, water, snacks, etc.) all weekend. I’ve seen other bags like backpacks and others. :)

seducedbydevilhips said:

This will be my first con, and I have a gold ticket. I was wondering how it works with autographs as I see now on the schedule that Mark P/Misha are signing on one side of the theater and Mark S/Seb are on the other at the same time, and people are called by row to go up. Will I be able to get to everyone or will I have to choose?

You will get to everyone. Creation will direct everyone to one side of the room to get those autographs and after you’re done with those actors, you’ll move to the other side of the room and line up for those guys. Just pay attention to the instructions as the autographs start. They also call row-by-row, so row A starts then B then C then D, etc.

Don’t worry, you’ll get to everyone. 

paintz said:

I'm just double checking that my computer isn't messing up but I noticed that creationnet took down ordering tickets via online, did they also remove the option to get last minute photo ops and autographs? (the links are no longer working for me so like I said just double checking ahah.)

They took down all ticketing for the con this past Tuesday. You can no longer purchase tickets online. If you want to buy an autograph or photo op (as long as it’s not previously sold out), you can do so at the con starting tomorrow.

timelords-andtrenchcoats said:

Hi! I could possibly be going to the Chicon on Friday, do you know what time it starts? Thanks!

I don’t know exactly when it starts, but I’d estimate it would begin early afternoon…probably 1 or 1:30. Hopefully the schedule will be posted asap.

kikistiel said:

Hi! Sorry to bother you but I can't seem to find anything on creation's website, unless i'm not looking in the right place, about props. Are there any rules or restrictions about props (such as for the costume contest)?

I don’t think there are any rules for that. I’ve never done the contest, personally - so I don’t know for sure.

If anyone has any insight into this, please let me know!

spoopynobs4lyf said:

do they always wait til wednesday to release the schedule or do they sometimes release it on tuesday?

I keep saying Wednesday because they tend to wait until Wednesday to post the schedules. It doesn’t mean it always happens like that. It looks like the TorCon schedule was released the Tuesday before…so it’s possible it’ll be posted today. Trust me, I’ll be monitoring it today and I’ll post it/a link when it comes out.

plasmiusmaximus said:

Is there any sort of age limit for the panels? Like a "parents needed if under 18" kind of deal. Do they do any sort of ID check to make sure? Just wondering because I heard somewhere that everything was 18+ without parental guidance. I'm seventeen and I don't wanna run into any hitches haha.

The only thing they check id’s for is when you purchase alcohol at the karaoke and cocktail party (you need to be 21+, obviously.) They don’t check IDs when you register. As far as I know, there aren’t any age limits. I would expect small children (probably ~12 and younger) to be accompanied by parents. But I’ve seen teens (especially 17+) running around without any ‘parental guidance’.

However they do release disclaimers for some actors’ panels (Sebastian….) being ‘for mature ears only’. But nothing more major than that, at least not what I’ve seen or experienced. I think you’ll be fine. :)

spoopynobs4lyf said:

as far as the panels go, are we allowed to leave the room and then re-enter once a panel is underway?? i would assume so, but i wanted to check..

Oh my, I’m so sorry for not answering this sooner!!

As far as I know, you’re allowed to leave. But the only thing I could think of as it being an issue, is blocking views and disrupting people while you’re leaving/re-entering. You may want to ask a Creation volunteer/staff member just to be sure.

jabandonne said:

Hi, this may be a dumb question. I'm driving six hours for the Chi Con and I was wondering if you could tell me the time the panels start Sunday? I have a preferred ticket for the day and I can't find the times anywhere. Thanks so much in advance

It’s not a dumb question! I’m sure a lot of people are wondering the same thing.

The official schedule won’t be published until this Wednesday. But from past con experience, the panels usually start around 1PM or so (sometimes a little earlier, sometimes later…depending on the con). If you have photo ops with Jared or Jensen, those tend to begin around 10-10:30AM. 

When the schedule comes out, I’ll post it here. (I’m patiently waiting and pretty intently watching the website and Creation’s twitter. /sad)

deanccas said:

i was wondering even though the misha photo ops are sold out do they still sell more at the con? if so how early would i have to get there to be able to buy one

More than likely, no. If the op is sold out on the website, there’s a 99.999% chance they’re completely sold out. It all depends on the actors’ schedules, travel itinerary, etc. We’ll know for sure when they publish the schedule Wednesday night.

If they were to offer more (again, not likely), they’re first come, first serve. They sell ops and autogaphs during registration and I believe there’s going to be a ‘pre-registration’ for weekend ticket pakages Thursday night.