Superwolf AU: 

"You have a darkness inside of you. I can see it around your heart, encompassing your soul. Your entire life has been surrounded by the death of your loved ones and whether you appreciate it or not, it puts you in the perfect position to become a reaper. You may not like death, but it has a penchant for you.”

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Supernatural AU where Winchester family business is all about horses
⌊ John Winchester is a successful horse breeder working with his two sons, Dean and Sam. When Sam decides to left the stable and go to collage, John needs to hire someone new to help out. After two weeks Sam’s old room is full of history books and Dean is sure he will never get any work done with the new strange named, dark haired and blue eyed employee.

"You should save the horse and ride the cowboy instead, baby."
"You’re not a cowboy, Dean."


★ Supernatural - Fallen Angels AU

Angels are fallen. Cas has gone missing. Sam and Dean are working on some local violent attacks which they suspect are the works of the fallen angels. They put on their usual disguise as FBI agents, and meet someone quite unusal at the station.

"We’ve got to find him before the angels did, they had a price on his head."

"Tell me something, Sergeant Angel, why are you helping us to find Cas if you’re one of the angels"
"Thought you all hated him."

"Not all of us act like a full rage monster, in fact he might be our only hope since he was the one who started it."


supernatural au - gina torres as the human impala
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"We’ve been through many things. Through many years. I’ve seen you angry. I’ve seen you sad. I’ve seen you alone. And while I bear those scars, I also bear those of happier times that you boys too often forget. But I will forever carry those memories for they have helped shape who you are today. I am proud to have been a part of who you’ve both become. So very proud.

Destiel Hospital AU fic recs (Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics)



(check the rest of this artists work, very awesome)

Fic where Dean or Cas or both are Doctor’s or Nurses, there’s a couple of Paramedic fics in here too :)

  1. I’d Really Like to Know your Name.
    “Now there, Mister no longer John Doe, care to let your friendly Doctor’s Winchester know your real name?” Sam asked. doctor!dean
  2. Bedside Manner. 1,904 words
    Castiel is on the overnight shift in the hospital, and one of his patient’s brother’s is really, really hot….
  3. Ubi caritas et amor. 6,500 words
    Who ist this strange guy who has lost his memory? What is he doing in one of Dr. Winchester’s dreams? And are Angels real? A romance told in an alternate universe AU
  4. All Things New Again ‘Verse
    the one where Castiel is an ex-Army surgeon and Dean is training to be a paramedic. (two fics, over 49,000 words all up)
  5. Between Angels and Insects. 22,470 words
    Dean Winchester is a paramedic working in Bristol, Conneticut. He has a perfectly ordinary life- so why are dead people reciting poetry at him; and why does he dream of a girl in a white dress who tells him not to search for his missing father.
  6. Black Widow. 6,700 words
    He had been the best fighter in the Ring, back when he started as a Rookie hybrid, created by Michael – Michael’s pride and joy when he’d been released into the Ring for his first fights. It was on a whim that Michael had created Dean, his most prized creation.
  7. We Three Kings ‘Verse
    Cas, a doctor, falls in love with the mechanic, Dean Winchester. He understood, early on, that this meant adopting his younger brother, Sam. He didn’t, however, count on all the loss that would follow the Winchesters, the addiction that would trouble Sam, or the problems his own family would cause following his commitment to the boys.
  8. Hysteria. 9,607 words
    If Dr. Winchester can get under dozens of petticoats to cure afflicted women, then BY GOD, he can get under Mr. Novak’s… uh… Well, whatever he gets under, Castiel will definitely never be the same. 
  9. Bought and Sold (and Broken Apart) 5,623 words
    The next time Dean ended up in the emergency room, it was due to forcible, and potentially dubious, sex. His ribs were aching still – it had only been three weeks since they got cracked – and his insides burned. He was stubborn in such a way that he would not admit to the nurses what had happened. He just wanted to be checked out by a medical professional because there was something that was most likely blood in his underwear, and that wasn’t okay. His name this time was “Joe Perry”.
  10. Impossibly, We’ve Already Caught Fire. 25,057 words
    After a fire ravages his apartment, Nurse Dean Winchester moves in with his best friend.
  11. It’s Only Love We’re Falling In .18,779 words
    Castiel is a nurse. Dean isn’t a very pleasant person. Castiel and Dean don’t get along at first, then, naturally, like in most romantic comedies, things happen. Like unwillingly falling in love.
  12. Once Upon a Daydream 
    Dean is a firefighter and Cas is the doctor who treats him after he is severely injured.
  13. Asunder 23,817 words
    Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (Dean works for child services, Cas is a paramedic, Dean asks Castiel to come to his brothers wedding…look,if you haven’t read it..do)
  14. Parallel Synapses Laced With Dopamine.46,225 words
    In the future, death doesn’t always have to be permanent. The body dies but the memories can continue on, thanks to a new revolutionary science. Doctors called Transitions move memories from one body, to a new, cloned one. Castiel Novak is one of the best doctors in the field and when Castiel means Dean, both men are in for the shock of their lives.
  15. The Open Sky (Is Mine Tonight) 21,904 words
    And Cas wants to believe that this is the way it can be.Wedding Planner AU. In which Castiel is a wedding planner.
  16. I Got A Bad Case Of Lovin’ You 3,000 words
    Dean can’t help but hide a smirk as he waltzes into the doctor’s office. This particular wing of the hospital is for mixed patients – there are humans as well as Angels in the ward today, and he gets his fair share of curious eyes when he walks in and sits down in one of the ugly blue plastic chairs. He closes his eyes, smiling to himself when he hears a few Angels sniff the air curiously.
  17. SomeRockyHorrorCreeperBasementTypeShit 5,291 words
    Cas is a doctor specialising in impotence…Dean is actually just very hard to please.
  18. Spontaneity 3,271 words
    Dean is an EMT who gets a weird call out to a market where Castiel has just had what looks like a seizure. As he soon discovers though, ‘weird’ doesn’t begin to cover it.
  19. Stress Relief 5,770 words
    It’s a Terrible Life ‘Verse. - Dean Smitth reluctantly goes to see a doctor at a weight loss clinic. Castiel is having issues of his own, and sugessts maybe Dean’s problems lie more with stress than his weight.
  20. Tell Me You Love Me 149,927 words
    Closeted!Officer Dean Winchester has begged off dating after a nasty break-up with his boyfriend. This is when the Universe decides to toss him a curve ball. Enter Dr. Castiel Novak, a stunning man he instantly falls for, who has a few secrets of his own.
  21. Serpant and Staff 10,000 words
    One morning, Castiel wakes up in Jimmy Novak’s bed, in Jimmy Novak’s life.
  22. My Injuries 1,404 words
    Dean spends some time in a hospital. Oh and pretty-blue eyes is there too.
  23. The Resident 24,040 words
    Castiel catches his husband cheating on him, a handsome stranger offers him an amazing apartment, which just happens to have a secret. 
  24. Scale from One to Ten 14,107 words
    Dean’s a nurse, Castiel is one of his patients.
    "They removed my appendix through my belly button."
    "They sure did. On a scale from one to ten, how is your pain?"


Fics to life: Excite

"You’ve anointed yourself and called me down from Heaven, Dean."
As soon as Cas says it, Dean recognizes what he’s sprayed all over himself. The dry, holy smell of a blessed olive oil, paired with the spice Castiel himself uses in angel magic. He’s never seen the two used in the same spell, but apparently it’s sexy catnip for angels.
Even in his aroused, panicked state, Dean can’t stop staring, eyes whipping back and forth from Castiel’s halo to his wings, then back again. The angel follows his gaze upward, then pulls away from Dean’s chin for a moment to grab his halo. To his shock, Castiel pulls it off, staring at it with contempt.
"I have always thought," he growls, "these were stupid manifestations." And before Dean can stop him, Castiel dashes it to the ground, where it shatters into tiny motes of light.
Dean stares down at the ground, where the last bit of halo flickers into nonexistence.
"Don’t you need that?" he asked, torn between concern and arousal. From what he can gather, some jackass put holy ingredients into a body spray, and now it’s on him, and Castiel is currently licking his hand print scar holy crap that’s hot.
"Not for what I’m about to do," Castiel replies, mouth still pressed against Dean’s shoulder.

SPN All-human AU:
Sam never really had a home and Gabriel never really had a family. They meet at a coffeeshop somewhere and end up moving in together and falling in love. And they joke with each other and screw around all day bc they might not be rich but they have each other and hell, thats enough.

Singing our hearts out
Standing on chairs
Spending our time
Like we are millionaires
Laughing our heads off
The two of us there
Spending our time
Like we were millionaires


Supernatural AU: The Impala is cursed human.

Marissa and I were talking and we decided that if the Impala somehow became human that he’d be more big and beefy, like the muscle car he/she is. I was watching Iron Man 2 at the time and one thing led to another.. I figure they’d take him to Bobby’s and try to figure out how to reverse it. The Impala would know a ton of personal stuff about Mary and John and he’d be happy to tell Sam stories about his parents, about how proud John was of him and how much Mary loved him. Then of course once Dean warmed up to him they’d get along just fine (flirting? bear!impala!sex??). The Impala would be fiercely loyal and protective of his boys.

[Edit] Forgot to mention, his teeth are shiny like his grill/fender ;D