Something Borrowed [trailer]

Meg is a talented attorney at a top New York law firm, a generous and loyal friend, and, unhappily, still single—as her engaged best friend Ruby is constantly reminding her. But after celebrating her 30th birthday, perpetual good girl Meg unexpectedly ends up in the arms of the guy she’s had a crush on since law school, Castiel… who just happens to be Ruby’s fiancé. As one thing leads to another in the frantic weeks leading up to Ruby’s wedding, Meg finds herself in an impossible situation, caught between her treasured friendship with Ruby and the love of her life. With special appearances from Kevin.


chizpurfles napisał(a) do rerak-sketchbook:

ooohh j, #6 (+ leviathans???) lol

Thanks K! Adding leviathans was very helpful. I wanted to pick whoever I find more scary on this show but by now both angels and demons are often shown as small fries. Godstiel was the last “big bad” that was truly scary for me. And I guess it’s because he was everything at once angel, leviathan and as close to being demon as anyone can get without actually becoming one

So just give me the scariest thing on the menu!