Contest Winners

Hi everyone! Firstly, I’d just like to thank everyone for all their submissions. They were all really amazing, and I had never expected so many people to enter. In fact, though we originally planned for only 3 winners, we decided to expand that into 3 Grand Prize winners and 4 runner ups

Just a recap…

Grand Prize Winner Awards


$15 in USD via paypal or equivalent in points

Free copy of the artbook

Art featured in the artbook

Runner Up Awards


Since we didn’t plan to have runner-ups, there aren’t many prizes for these winners. I’m really sorry!

These winners will have their

art featured in the artbook

A free bookmark/postcard

And a llama, favorite, and comment from me

Without much further ado…. drumroll please….

Grand Prize Winners:

Where Water Runs Through Rock by


DayDream by


Towards the Sun by


Runner Ups

Again thank you so much to everyone who participated! I will be sending notes to the winners and to those who offered prizes about who needs to draw whom a drawing and what not.

Also friendly reminder that pre-orders are still available.