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oh my GoOoOOod roaches are my greatest fear ever I feel for you man kill it kill it with fire

Roaches and having my neck touched are two of my biggest fears.



Luckily I spotted i and woke my mom a second time to kill it.

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if I ever see a roach in my house I am burning it down

I can’t even get close enough to kill them they freak me out so bad.

I can handle most spiders BUT NOT FUCKING ROACHES.

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Honestly, they deserved it. You’re just giving a physical manifestation of what they’re doing to you.

True. With the boy I had chosen to work on a group project alone because I knew i’d end up doing all the work anyway. So I was pretty busy and minding my own business.

With the girl, she was one of those people who act nice but you can tell that they’re picking on you every time they talk to you. They kind of talk down to you or something?

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eurgh I really want your copy of Odin Sphere but I don’t want a damaged one fuuuck

YEAH THAT’S WHAT MAKES ME SO WORRIED like i don’t want to sell anyone the damaged one either i remember how pissed off it made me, thankfully I had two copies due to a stroke of fate but man

and it’s not like it’s early game where you start to see it either, it’s when you get to the fire kingdom (chapter 5 of gwendolyn) that you start to experience the issue and it’s pretty much unplayable

i should try and figure out which one exactly that is and sell the good one bluh

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bugs. just I can’t deal with bugs in general and ROACHES BITE WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT GOD WHAT KIND OF GAME ARE YOU PLAYING

YEAH I was stuck in the fucking arm chair, i felt it bite me, looked down and saw it and it fell down beside me so i have to like, push my but up in the air trying not to toss the laptop across the room and i couldn’t move so i started screaming for my mom and then it crawled under me an i couldn’t sit down but i had to make a choice so i sat down and tossed the laptop to the couch before jumping up and stripping my clothes off so i would know it wasn’t in them anywhere.