Split Melons would be synonymous with the headshot, and as you might gather from looking at these designs we are all about guns & ammo. Split Melon is here to provide the 2nd amendment right enthusiast with the shirt that fits your mood. If you mood is normal that of someone that like to punch bullets through paper then look no further Split Melon should have just the tee you have been looking for. We don’t apologize if you are easily offended as it would be utterly impossible for the content of our site to put off any “right” minded gun loving folk. Welcome to our show, and may it never end! #splitmelon #splitmelontactical #guntees #guns #zazzle #tshirts 

Today’s throwback album for the drive to work! Remembering Starwood’s concert with my boy Ryan & I getting to witness one of the greatest rock riffs ever created on hash pipe ( at least that’s what como said) #weezer #hashpipe #splitmelon #rock #throwback