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First followers appreciation post!

*coughs* Ahem, so thank you all for following me and making me feel a bit more welcome in the tumblrpon community, even though I only joined about month ago. I love you all a lot, and I appreciate your support!

I wish I could draw all of you but that would just take so much time ; v ;

I looked at a lot of hair tutorials asdfghjkl

splendidsigh said:

Splendid squints her eyes at his story,obviously suspicious. "40 bits is fine..." Her blue sweet blue gaze turning to one that was soul piercing. Being a seer,she was quite a perceptive pony. "You're skipping over the whole story. I understand everyone has their secrets but sometimes it's better to be honest." She offered another tin of the sweet smelling salve,this one slightly larger. "Is this alright or would you like a different size?"

SolOmen takes the jar ” thank you Splendid, im sorry for being secretive but i wasn’t lying when i said that cruelty of others was a heavy burden to bare, but that statement goes farther then you know… ” tell you what look into my fortune and i think you will find your answer”

its-just-a-mod said:

Oh my God I'm gonna assault you with these. There's mine (ask-secondlight-ponies) and a lot of story-driven blogs that I love, like askmaresombra, ask-those-of-the-night, askthepsychoticpony, madmaudepie, three-apples (which doesn't do asks and is a comic series instead), asksenbonangel, sketchbooktwilight, splendidsigh, and ask-winterblaze. (I'M SORRY OKAY I LOVE SHARING THINGS I LIKE)

All followed! though i already followed ask-those-of-the-night and three-apples c: