i changed snowy from a bear to a squirrel idk (ill probably change her name too)

shes the leader of a gang that specializes in helping kids study and stay in school

sometimes she stops youngsters in downtown alleys and bribes them with lollipops in exchange for them showing her their homework/good grades

“…wait the first choice was reasonably as well wHO ARE YOU???”

On a serious note, my head canon is that Tim is Non Binary because, he is a box. Boxes don’t have a gender. Although he does like he/him pronouns.

Thank god we don’t argue about his gender like the FNAF community. They are robots BRUH.


Today the Department of Awesome Overindulgence is salivating over this towering 10-inch-tall hamburger created by chef Sam Longhurst, the immoderate culinary mastermind at Splendid Kitchen in Manchester, England. Dubbed by its creators as the “Whole Damn Farm” burger, this 2,000 calorie monster features two beef patties, one fried chicken thigh, barbecued pulled pork, bacon strips, ham chunks, and a slathering of bacon jam on a brioche bun. The entire thing weighs over 1 pound and costs £13.50 (~$20 US).

Featuring six forms of three different kinds of meat, the burger was created after a customer at Splendid Kitchen expressed their disappointment in a burger on the menu featuring “only” beef and chicken.

Visit The Daily Mail to learn more about how this gargantuan burger came to be.

[via That’s Nerdalicious! and The Daily Mail]


“Downton Abbey” fever has quickly spread, spurring everything from Victorian high teas to a beauty range. But some seniors took it one step further and decided to play dress-up and recreate the pomp and grandeur of Downton and the Granthams, all for a good cause. The residents of North Carolina’s Carolina Meadows Retirement Community, many of whom are dedicated watchers of the hit series, decided to participate in their local public television channel, UNC-TV’s, annual fundraiser by supporting their favorite show. The residents came up with the idea of a photo shoot and were showered with community support for the three-month project, receiving costumes and tuxedos, free of charge, and also the help of photographer Jack Benjamin. They spent countless hours trying to get every detail right, even making handmade jewelry and touching up an antique car to match the period. The photos were unveiled to the public in a Downton-themed manor-style dinner, to help raise money for the fundraiser, which ends Sunday. “Everything was so professional looking,” resident Albina Giardino said in a release. “Everyone looked so happy in the photos and that made us feel happy,” said resident Chuck Giardino. Take a look through the photos yourself and we promise you’ll want to play dress-up and have a cuppa yourself.“ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/17/seniors-recreate-scenes-from-downton-abbey_n_6880722.html