Moa and her Glorious Rumplecomb

Behold the rumplecomb. Bask in its splendor! The “S” curve in the front stands for Stink. Big Stink, to be exact. She is also known as The Big Stink.
You must whisper “Big Stiiiiink” into her face, for she IS the Big Stink, and she will whisper the secrets of the universe back to you. Then snuggle into your lap. Please pet her keel. Please pet it. The rumplecomb demands.

круто [krùta] - cool

Синонимы слова КРУТО:
Sinonyms of the word КРУТО:

отлично [atlìchna] - excellent
потрясающе [patrisàyusshi] - amazingly
здорово [zdòrava] - marvelously
отменно [atmènna] - splendidly
роскошно [raskòshna] - luxuriously
прекрасно [prikràsna] - excellently

знатно [znàtna] - nobly
замечательно [zamichàtil’na] - outstandingly, exceptionally
превосходно [privaskhòdna] - splendid, superior
чудесно [chudèsna] - wonderfully
волшебно [valshèbna] - wonderfully

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This I called Twilight Hour and then I thought, What? Twilight doesn’t really look like that. It’s dark enough to be midnight hour, right? But what about the purply streaks? Is that some weird aurora borealis? And then I thought, eh, why the heck not?! So, meet Midnight Hour! Just $16! 

The poor phone shot on the table (not seamless) shows how lovely it knits up. Of course, the toe and heel portions are a different color yarn. I like doing that - plain ribbing and contrasting or complimenting toes. It makes it easy to watch tv or read and knit at the same time. Really, I’m not lazy but I don’t multi-task the way I used to. Blame age. Blame the wear and tear, not just the miles ;-)

Anyhow, gals, guys… go buy some of this sock yarn. It’s not expensive and it’s delicious to knit with, Really, not one customer who’s tried Splendid has not fallen in love. And, it’s a fact! August is a fine month to fall in love!

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