Splatterheads - Fish Biscuit 1992. Australian rock n roll band with one underrated killer !

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Anti Cimex “Demos 81-85” CD
Anti Cimex “Scandinavian Jawbreaker & Made In Sweden” CD
Agathocles / Axed Up Conformist “Split” CD
Varukers “Hellbound” CD
Varukers “How Do You Sleep?” CD
Varukers “Singles Collection” CD
Poser Disposer “Waiting to Inhale” CD
Golers “South Mountain Style” CD
Hömewrekers “Waiting for the End” CD
Inhaste “The Wreckage” CD
Accüsed “The Return of Martha Splatterhead” CD
Accüsed “More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral” CD
Discharge “War is Hell” CD
Golers “Second Generation” CD
Golers “Backwoods Messages” CD
Dr. Know “Killing for God” CD
Defiance “Out of Order” CD
Lautstürmer “Depopulator” CD
Accüsed “The Return of Martha Splatterhead” DigiCD
Accüsed “More Fun Than an Open Casket…” DigiCD
Accüsed “Nasty Cuts - Best of the Nasty Mix Years 1993-1995” DigiCD
Streetwalker “Revelling in the Din of Humanity” CD
Lautstürmer “Bedtime For Humanity” CD Tarantuja “Do Not Resuscitate” CD
DFA “Discography – 2000-2004” CD
Dayglo Abortions “Feed Us a Fetus” CD
Dayglo Abortions “Here Today, Guano Tomorrow” CD
Dayglo Abortions “Two Dogs Fucking” CD
Dayglo Abortions “Holy Shiite” CD
Malignant Tumour “Earthshaker” CD