I was reading <em>The Games We Play</em> (which is an amazing fic you should go read it) earlier, and got thinking about HoTH.

and I reread some of the comments people had given “us” (Specialty had used her fimfiction account for this as well as on fanfiction, so people tend to thought she wrote it herself), and I started smiling.

we actually made something people enjoyed.

again, I got thinking. one if my friends, Tarkwyn, had read it, and comments on the shitty first few chapters. but he stuck through it, and it made me happy. because there was others who thought the same thing but kept reading.

and while I keep saying “I want to rewrite the first chapters since they’re shit”, in truth I won’t. or can’t. believe me I’ve tried multiple times, there’s nothing really erin in my eyes (maybe shorter paragraphs?).

but anyway.

this blog, even, started out as a HoTH blog where everyone would send messages to the main characters and just talk. it still is that, by the way, it’s just become a PinkieDash blog die to Specialty. but even still, this blog grew with followers because people liked the starting idea.

and that makes me really, really happy.

SplashMod here (again, I’m essentially the one getting this all hooked up and shenanigans), just wanting to inform everyone about the various ways you can contact us:

1. Mod Blogs
Our blogs will be linked tomorrow, just give us a few minutes. If you want to contact either of us, just head to the side link named “Mods” and click on the mods link you want. Both of us have asks open.
2. Asks
Asks are disabled on this page, but there is an ask blog/submission blog devoted to this that we will finish setting up over the course of the week.
3. Email
Our email (that we will both be checking) is EquestriaNights@hotmail.com. We will be checking it every so often, if you want to talk to us that way as well
4. Dropbox(?!)
Both of us have this AWESOME file sharing accounts, and in the future we might make it an open file to anyone who’s interested. It could be a great place to submit any ideas or theories you might have (hint hint)

well shit i keep negletting this blog

so lately i’ve been consumed by sims3 and harvest moon tale of two towns

lets call it a “get normal games out of the way so i can play pokemon x in peace” okay?

but okay so i’m having the biggest fucking dilema in hm:tott

i decided to live in Konohana and i loooooooooooooove it there, but the guy i want to marry is in fucking Bluebelle

i haven’t decided if i want to move or not but i adore my little farm and just oh god why did i do this ;-;

b2 Party

Lillipup: Lvl 11, Rascal, Male

Oshawott: Lvl 13, Mizu, Female
So yeah. Only two Pokemon. It’s become a tradition first male Lillipup I catch I name Rascal (after my dog, the one who is a huge grouch —_—’).
I’m trying to freaking catch a Riolu (If male being named either Riley (Tradition) or Karkat (Best Homestuck troll)), but I’m guessing it has to be during the day….?

Either way, training to level 15 each before I go take on Cheren (Canid’s crush), so whee….

I’m currently just strolling along in White 2, taking my sweet time before heading to Victory Road. (Is it weird I had a dream about Ghetsis’s cane and he came back and tried doing something with it?)… Maybe I’ll go attempt to catch all of N’s Pokemon? Eh…

cybercircuit asked:

Hey. So. My mom's taking in the bottles tomorrow. Which means that I'll have some money. And even though I don't want to spend my money until August for supernatural stuff. I'm buying Black or White 2. (preferably black). So that means that you and me can be awesome and compare black or white 2 stuff and how awesome we are xD

I have both games, Canid. And awesome! Now I can pester you with billions of facts

so um last saturday I bought three games

Sims Supernatural Expansion pack (Which ironically takes up probably more of my time than anything)

Pokemon X (I’m on my fucking way to get my 6th badge. if you wanna see this “journal” go over to karkat-x on tumblr and watch the stupidity)

and Rune Factory 4 (which is visually pleasing but so help me god I am lost and confused)

I feel like I will never get to marry Cam in Tale of Two Towns due to all this gaming I got

(Did I mention I also now own Y too?)

PSA Twitter

just a friendly PSA for those that enjoyed HoTH:

I run and maintain a twitter devoted to Pinkie pie from hoth, where “she” updates randomly about what had been happening since the tribes became one. it’s not much of a twitter account, and it’s mostly so I can stay involved with the story long after it’s been completed.

if you wanna check it out, the account is based after the ORIGINAL URL for PartyingRainbows!

twitter: @lgdashandpinkie

see you guys!


now that the posting of hoth is done there’s some news you guys must know

PartyingRainbows is no more

weird, right? the blog and devart are still up and running. but….

speckles left the group.

in case you were wondering, speckles was the only male writer of the group. we were all friends. in reality, shit happened and… he decided to cut ties and be on his way.

so yeah.

PartyingRainbows essentially is no longer a group. we will never write another story together again, which is a shame because we had so much fun the first time….

For Old Times Sakes

(and an attempt to bring the original purpose of this blog back)

I’m going to start posting HoTH’s chapters on here daily. What I will be doing is posting the chapters fully, WITH links at the end if there is another site you wish to comment on (fimfiction/fanfic/deviantart).

if I can figure out how to use the read more option then I will.

probably will start later on or something….

also, if you want to avoid seeing the chapters pop up, have HoTH blacklisted!