• They all say you look like a daughter of a friend of someone they knew. You know someone who looks like her cousin. Two metal pins hold her leg together. Spitting image, according to the officer.
  • They both taunt you with Indian Whoops, calling you dirty for having Native blood. One girl reminds you of Pocahontas with her long black hair and high cheekbones. Their tone upsets you, but you know there is nothing wrong with who you are.
  •  Every time you tell someone where you are from, you feel their perception of you shift a little. Years later, you find yourself reluctant to mention it at all. Eventually, you lie.
  • In a turn of events, it’s much easier for you to do than it is for them.
  • You hear on the radio about the new Extreme Poverty Challenge. For 1.75 a day you can experience empathy for people starving in underdeveloped foreign countries from the comfort of your fully furnished home. The man who picks your garbage comes away with a few less bottles that week. He, too, experiences your empathy.

lashtonxstylinson asked:

Hey Alex, quick question when do you think A&B will break up? I think it'll be over before the tour ends. I think it'll be a ugly break up too. And do you think Ashton will go for a different type of girl after B?

I have been thinking for months they would’ve broken up at the end of this month, however that was when I didn’t think Ashton would bring her to London with him. Now, I think they will probably breakup sometime during the middle of this tour. There is no doubt in my mind that their breakup will be messy, I mean the publicity will be bad and I have this constant gut feeling that Bryana may try to accuse Ashton of something or release something on him just to make her look like the good guy. And I want to think that Ashton would switch up his type of girl after her because all his past girlfriends are spitting images of Bryana. He is going to need something different so he doesn’t go through the same shit again and again. 

Sunday October 14th at The Arlene Francis Theater in Santa Rosa

Creative Adult’s Record Release Performance

Featuring a special EYE IN THE SKY performance by Cody Sullivan

& Set Design//Installations from Ross Farrar and Austin Pratt.

This will double as the official Old Groves Zine release.

The reception will be from 730-845 and the performance will start at 9pm sharp.

A. Beastman will be your host for the evening. Vegan snacks will be provided.