So many rants, so little time.

No, I’m not wearing black. I’m wearing my dress that looks like an apron and if a teacher says anything I’m finding a cheerleader and bringing it her to my accuser (that was mean, sorry). My hemline is allowed to be a little above my knees if I can see their ass hanging out the back of their skirts. My dad will vouch for me too. He hates the double standards that our school brings.

For example, my sister came home without a report card one time and my parents thought she was hiding it, but it was because the school didn’t have them ready because of the printer or something. My dad finally called the school to check out her story. He asked to speak to the principal (the woman before Johnny West). My dad found it inexcusable for the school to do this and then asked her that since they are allowed to not get our report cards out on time without being penalized in someway, does that mean my sister can not be penalized for our printer not working and being unable to bring in an essay.

So in the event as to something like this happened, I’m sure J West will be getting yelled at by mi padre.