new players, old players, players rich and poor in game and rich and poor in life are all on an equal footing to get them”

—Except that the RNG is screwed and the newer players get more  chests in spite of being lower in digging level than old players. Sure, the chance to find a egg or familiar or scroll is the same, but more chests = more chances.

Oh also(not related to the quote above) the drop rate for eggs/scrolls/familiars is ridiculously low imo for the lag and inability to obtain chests through coli or gathering(for older players like me). I’m probably just too eager and greedy although I got nothing so far and more than 200 chests opened. Just fuck the RNG seriously.


Misha: We have a good time. We love each other, and these two guys (Jared & Jensen) are like a pair of brothers.

My grandmother told me
to never start my sentences with “I”.
It makes you sound
I think I do it in spite of her.
I think selfishness
is a learned trait that so many
young girls haven’t quite accepted.
I am selfish because I want
more than a lackluster love;
I want more than
a half-baked career.
I am my grandmother’s
worst nightmare.
I think she knows it.
—  Michelle K., My Grandmother.

Before listening to the Nerdist Podcast with Jaimie Alexander today, I knew that she played Sif in Thor, which was basically enough to make me like her. After listening to the podcast, I now know that:

She collects knives and throws them.
She started a girls wrestling team at her high school in Texas despite the administration being sexist jackholes.
That team went on to compete at state and I think nationals a couple of times.
She could have gone to college on a wrestling scholarship.
She eats a shitload because she works out all the time.
She has, in the past, spite-ate at meals with her former agents just to piss them off in retaliation for making comments on her body size, eating ALL THE CAKE.
She likes pizza.
She works with girls and young women to improve their body image by giving talks and mentorship.
When talks and mentorship isn’t enough she takes them to the gym and teaches them to appreciate their bodies through the physical challenges they can overcome.
She goes to children’s hospitals dressed as Sif to hang out with sick kids.
She has a filthy sense of humor.
She wore leather pants to record the podcast.

So basically, I just want to hang out with her, watch an action movie, eat an entire pizza together and then go see a burlesque show. We should be best friends.

ALSO, AND I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS, LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW RON LEFT THE MINISTRY AFTER A COUPLE OF YEARS TO HELP GEORGE RUN WEASLEYS’ WIZARD WHEEZES. Now I have no doubt that that job takes an extraneous amount of effort but I am betting 100000% that his career is less demanding than Hermione’s.

Which means Ron is probably the more hands-on parent.

Which means Ron Weasley as a stay-at-home dad is practically canon.



Wanda Maximoff story by me and impeccable rngrn for FCE.

Nnothing would have happened if not for my wonderful Rin who agreed to collaborate with me; turned out we’re both lazy asses, yet still we managed to create this story about a Woman Who Deserved Better.

Rin is everything. Rin is an immensely talented artist. Rin is a lovely piece of ass who deserves all your praises. Rin is one and only; thank you so much for putting up with me and for bringing my ideas into life and creating this helluva beauty. <3