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Join us on Thursday January 29th for a #Spirk2016 Twitter Takeover. Tweet the studio, producers, writers, director, anyone who will listen. Let’s come together and make our voices heard. Realistically this won’t make a difference in the film that is currently being created, but at least we can know as fans that we stood up for the equality, representation, and bold attitude that Star Trek once stood for.

Important Accounts:

Justin Lin (Director) @trailingjohnson

Bad Robot (Production) @bad_robot

Paramount (Production) @ParamountPics

Simon Pegg (Writer) @simonpegg

Example Tweet:

#Spirk2016 Let’s boldly go where no studio has had the guts to go before! @simonpegg @trailingjohnson @ParamountPics

Be sure to use the #Spirk2016 hashtag on all tweets (check spelling- I even put #Sprick2016 on the blog earlier!) You can follow or tweet us on Twitter at @spirk2016

Tweet about why K/S is important. To you, to film, to society. Share your thoughts and feelings on Spirk. Tweet the same thing multiple times, but at different users. We want to be heard, and the way to do that is for all of us to come together. Tweet often, tweet positively, tweet passionately.

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon: When Spock!Prime melded with Jim, the bond between them tried to reform, leaving a tiny link. When Jim died, Spock!Prime felt the bond shatter for the second time and knew he'd lost Jim again.


Headcanon that sometimes Jim can still feel the aching loneliness of Spock prime across that tiny bond. Whenever possible, the Enterprise takes shoreleave on Vulcan and Jim spends as much time as possible with Spock Prime, holding his hand, sleeping in his bed. Spock doesn’t mind. He knows that in any other universe, Jim would do it for him in a heartbeat.

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon

anonymous asked:

Au where Jim is a vet and spock keeps bringing in his dog that his mother gave him that keeps getting into the trash and the dog adores Jim and Jim has a mad crush on spock and finally asks him out when spock comes in for his pups regular check up

(AU where spock brings in sehlat cubs and all of them are named after members of the enterprise staff and chekov is the littlest one)

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon