There is nothing wrong.

Sadness is not wrong. Fear is not wrong. Confusion is not wrong. Our pain is not wrong.

Resisting our pain is what makes it all seem so wrong. And yet here is a deeper truth, for those who are open:

Even our resistance of pain is not wrong! If that’s what’s happening in the moment, it cannot be wrong! It is a valid expression of life, vital and alive!

Beyond ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, there is an unconditional love that even embraces our present-moment resistance. There is a Now that is vast and forgiving.

In the end, even ‘resistance’ is just another concept. Another judgement. Another way to make ourselves wrong.
—  Jeff Foster

MENTALISM: the all is mind, the mind is all. The Universe, all energy, space & matter are a construct created by/for Universal Intelligence to operate. All phenomena are emanations of Cosmic Thought processes
CORRESPONDENCE: as above so below. The universe is self similar across scales. That which is within is like that which is without. Knowledge of the micro can create knowledge or the macro (vice verse).
VIBRATION: nothing is at rest. Everything moves & vibrates. From the lowest states of matter to the grandest forms of spirit, everything has various rates of vibration.
POLARITY: everything has its opposite, has two poles and is dual. Opposites are the same but differ only in degree
RHYTHM: everything moves in cycles, has an ebb and flow and is a wave function. When peaks are reached a fall must naturally occur.
CAUSE & EFFECT: every effect has a cause. Every cause an effect. Nothing ever merely happens.
GENDER: everything has a masculine & feminine principle. Every male thing/person has a female principle within (vice verse). These principles are forever in relation and represent the active & receptive forces.
SOURCE: These 7 cosmic principles come from the book The Kybalion written or transcribed by William Walker Atkinson 1908. It is credited to three initiates of a hermetic mystery school but it’s true origin is ultimately a mystery. Hermes was the Greek god of knowledge and wisdom; the Thoth of the Egyptian pantheon. It may even predate the Egypt of antiquity and come from an even earlier group of teachers who passed down these principles orally through the various mystery schools of the ages #history #truth #principles #universe #knowledge #sacred #science #spiritscience #spirituality #consciousawakening #cosmicconsciousness #oneness #evolution #thegreatwork #education #hermetic #occult #wisdomwednesdays